Daily Wonder is a new way to approach your daily practices.

Whether you dedicate your practice to meditation, devotion, writing, music, dance, art, or you’re trying to commit to better habits, the answer to enjoying it probably isn’t approaching it as “discipline.”

What if you were to re-frame the “work” of practicing as an opportunity to open to wonder?

What if it engaged you with magic and delight? 

What if we released ourselves from feeling obligated to practice, and did it for the sense of joy, centeredness and clarity it brings?

What might happen if we eradicate the Should-Shame Spiral around missing our practice?

Let's bring back wonder, shall we?

Daily Wonder
provides you with prompts for your contemplation, journal, meditation, movement, writing, art or other preferred practice.  We meet on Zoom to dive deep, and hang out in The Distillery for mutual support, sharing, questions, and breakthroughs. 

In The Distillery–a meticulously crafted, and courageously held community space–our journey is enriched by sharing.  Too often, and in too many ways, we’ve internalized the damaging idea that we should be able to do everything unsupported.  In community, we realize we’re not the only ones struggling, soaring, diving deep, and coming up with jewels clenched between our teeth. In community, we remember we humans are social animals.  We need each other. Together, we hold space for process, and compassion for our human foibles.  The Distillery offers support, accountability, and the opportunity to build community.

It takes 40 days for a new endeavor to become a habit.


Daily Wonder provides six weeks, or 42  days of support while you

  • Establish a simple daily practice for aligning your thoughts, emotions and spirit, so you can move through your life with less internal strife.
  • Gain gentle tools for meeting your resistance and embracing  your inherent well-being.
  • Engage with passages from Distillations to clarify your divine nature, ignite your passion, and illuminate your path
  • Learn to recycle your energy, so you can blossom out of the composted material of old negative beliefs and limiting self-talk.
  • Recognize and claim your genius.
  • Revel in your innocent and wild sensuousness.
  • Access your ever-present and numinous divine nature.
  • Overcome fear and inner conflict, so you can approach life’s circumstances with wonder and curiosity
  • Are empowered to meet your whole life, secure in the knowledge of who and what you really are.

Daily Wonder nourishes all our parts, enabling us to thrive in deep integrity, self-respect, and alignment.

Daily Wonder includes

  • A signed copy of Distillations.
  • An effective practice for alignment
  • Weekly meet-ups for practice, discussion, questions and connection.
  • Selected passages from Distillations to inspire your Daily Wonder.
  • Affirmations and queries to help you go deep.
  • Access to our private, courageous online salon– The Distillery .
  • A community of people who, just like you, are seeking inspiration, hope, healing, and the everyday audacity of Wonder.

March 21- April 25, 2023

DAILY WONDER takes place fully online using a combination of  video-optional Zoom calls, a private forum in The Distillery, downloadable recordings and written materials.  

A signed copy of Distillations is included as a gift to you!

When you register, you’ll receive confirmation and next steps at the email address you provide during check-out.

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