A collection of poetically distilled teachings from Karina B. Heart, Distillations is a sacred text, a devotional to your soul’s evolution, an instruction manual for the human condition. Sparsely worded, yet beautifully composed, it contains contemporary mysticism, ancient wisdom, and timely reminders of how to access our true nature amid intersecting systems bent toward our dehumanization.

It has been described as a holy book, a prayer mala, a contemplative guide, an oracle, a collection of writing and art prompts, a Tao for our times, a firm reminder of our inherent innocence, and a proclamation of our divine birthrights.

Containing one-hundred and eight pearls strung together to create a beautiful mala for your contemplation, meditation, practice, and divination.

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Karina B Heart

These 4″ x 6.25″ cloth-bound, antique-paged, limited edition books are beautiful in their stark simplicity. They will fit in a purse, a back-pack, a nightstand, or glove compartment. 



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