As the first year of the global pandemic came to a close, I set an altar to Brighid–a Celtic Goddess/Saint and Patroness of Poets, Bards, Blacksmiths and Mid-wives.  I made offerings and petitions for inspiration, as my writing-habit had fallen to bits and pieces posted on social media platforms.  I’d been working on (and off) a project for a few years that was boring me.  I’d hoped to find the spark of creativity for that writing.  Instead, the idea for this book came to me fully formed.

At the time, as part of my daily spiritual practice, I’d been alternating between re-reading Rumi, Hafiz, Victor Anderson, Leonard Cohen, Kabir, Kahlil Gibran, Lala, and Ursula Le Guin’s rendition of Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching, as well as my own writing from the boring project.

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"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for your soul quenching words." Angelique
"It's power and beauty make me tremble and weep. I have no words for it--only the sounds my soul makes when confronted with the divine." GCR
"Glorious and Delicious! Filled with magic!" Q
"Breath-takingly powerful." AA
"A holy book." MB
""Get Distillations, now! I cried before I cracked the spine. It's so beautiful!" J.M.


Karina B Heart

Distillations is a collection of the condensed and rarified teachings of Karina B. Heart.  One-hundred and eight pearls strung together to create a beautiful mala for your contemplation, meditation, practice, and divination.  The language is straight-forward and unmincing, like poetry, or koans, without quite being either.

Not a how-to, self-help, or guide book, the author grants the reader all the time for rumination necessary to come to their own understanding . . . . again, and again, and again.

One morning, while lighting incense and candles for Brighid, I was given marching orders to create this mala of pearls drawn from my decades of practice and teaching.  Distillations came quickly, like molten iron being forged into something useful, like a second child who’s labor was so much easier than the first, like a poet-witch with a fire in her head.

I edited this book with a precise brutality that I never handle my writing with.  The language is sparse, to the point, and does not ask for agreement.

When I cautiously shared it with a few trusted friends, I watched in silence as they read, gasped, sighed, wept, laughed, squirmed, and prayed.  This was the confirmation I needed to go forward and publish rather than posting the pearls on social media or Patreon.

Again, I was given specific instructions on how to self-publish by Brighid.  I have followed them to the letter.

There are 500 copies in existence.  No more will be printed in this Special First Edition format.  These 5″ x 7″ cloth-bound, antique-paged books are beautiful in their stark simplicity. They will fit in a purse, a back-pack, a nightstand, or glove compartment.  I hope, one day, to see images of them–tattered and worn by the love of the reader, having returned to their contents again and again.

Merriam-Webster defines the word “distill,” as:
“To purify or transform by successive evaporation and condensation; to extract the essence of.”

The Alchemists, however, understood the process of distillation as something which could occur within the human soul. Their Great Work was to purify the base metal lead (the spiritually uninitiated) in order to transform it into gold.  In one of my spiritual Traditions, we speak of merging Iron and Pearl to attain Copper.  The act of spiritual purification and transformation is always a chemical and spiritual Mystery.

It is my hope that Distillations will quicken your spiritual trajectory, leading you toward your further alignment, your own pearls of wisdom, and an ever deepening commitment to shed the accoutrements of ego so as to become more fully engaged in your Highest Self.

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