The Distillery

A courageous space hosting a growing collection of programs, practices, and other applications for the sacred text, Distillations.

The Distillery
is a creative online salon for manifesting magic, healing, and creative miracles like artwork, writing, music, solutions, and ceremonies. Here, we focus on evolving in and with co-creative community toward the end-goal of personal evolution and culture change.

This creative work asks us for both daring and vulnerability. For this reason, The Distillery is a courageous space where your evolution will be witnessed without shaming, you’ll be held in compassion without coddling, and encouraged to embody the breath-taking beauty of your human-wild-divine birthright.

Here, we inspire your creative imagination, and celebrate your insights. We magnify the ways your passions serve your life, purpose, and the greater good.

The Distillery invites spiritual seekers, practitioners, leaders, teachers and activists into conversation and action with creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, ritualists and writers to dynamically engage with Distillations.  

Together, we dance in our individual evolution. We contribute to collective healing, attend to beauty, generate hope.  Through this work-play-practice-love we help humanity prepare to make manifest our liberation.

This is a space of connection, creation, and healing for lovers of the human spirit, the cosmos within which we reside.  We are the creators of hope-in-action for these times and the future.

Let’s build something. Together.

The Distillery opens in March 2023
with a stellar line-up of programs
beginning with

Oracle Readings

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Booking for ORACLE READINGS opens December 2022

The Distillery opens in March with

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