The Oracle

In an Oracle Reading, I supplement my own highly developed psychic and intuitive abilities with Bibliomancy using Distillations.

Bibliomancy is a method of divination that uses passages from a sacred text to illuminate, provide guidance, and prescribe appropriate action.

Before your reading, you’ll be led in a brief, guided practice to align your emotional body with your intellect, and your GodSoul, assuring all your parts take their rightful role during your Oracle Reading.

Combining these methods, your Oracle Reading will:

Clarify what energy, obstacle, or pattern is at work

Identify how to resolve and overcome the problem

Shift toward your desired highest outcome

Provide practices and actions to help center you while you ground new energic patterns into your life

Oracle Readings are a form of divination that get to the heart and soul of your issue. They are not fortune-telling. 

Because we have free will and are continually making choices, our present and future are changing with each choice. 

Oracle Readings provide clear directives for the choices you can make to create best future outcomes.

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I’m honored to read for you, and look forward to our time together! 


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