SunCoast Firewalk Center

Everything is Possible

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The Shoreline Teachings

seaside discussion, dance, sound and ceremony

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Embody Your Personal Power & Purpose

Individual Work with Karina

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Open to your Intuitive Wisdom

The feeling that there must be something more you're here to do is real. Listen and follow that instinct. It will never lead you astray.

Jumpstart your life.

Everyday: Do something that scares you. Learn something new. Hydrate. Exercise. Review your dreams and goals.

Rest. Relax. Meditate.

When we relax the body with eyes closed while remaining awake we are meditating. In this state we feel safe, at peace and may receive important insight.

Laughter is the best medicine.

The simple act of smiling releases chemicals in the body that create and sustain elevated moods. A juicy bout of belly laughter or giggling increases oxygen to the blood stream, elevates your mood and releases stress. Take your medicine!

Personal worth and creative passion: Whether you're seeking it, living it, shifting it or deepening it, Karina has the stuff you need to do it with grace, style and ease. Evolution never felt so good.