Todays Embodied Ecstasies

Grateful for a pause in the Holy-daze.  This space after Winter Solstice, Christmas, my Birthday.  These days before the New Year and devotions for Yemoja and the end of winter break for the kids.   The house looks like fifty-three elves emptied their pockets of scraps of wrapping paper, pine needles, scotch tape and cellophane onto every horizontal surface.  The kids are in some kind of stupor brought on by sugar overdose coupled with too many late night celebrations in a row.  After lunch, I was able to convince them that changing out of pajamas and using a tooth brush would increase their energy levels.  They rolled their eyes, but complied.  No one’s remembered to unplug the holiday lights in days.

I’m not complaining.  And, I’m not cleaning up after the elves today, either.  I’m taking the day.  Candles are lit.  Incense is burning.  Dinner is making itself in the crock pot.   Some days, it’s necessary to choose not to be overly productive.  Call it being mindful or still or deep.  Never call it “lazy.”  Negative self-labeling is nothing but detrimental.  In the quiet, jewels rise up from the depths.

There’s a lot of pressure this time of year to make Plans.  With the returning sun, family gatherings, the beginning of a new year and for me, a Birthday, it can get to feel awfully demanding!  What are we letting go of?  What are we stepping toward?  What are we going to do this year?  What’s the plan?

I have some.  Always do.  But part of the plan this year is to sink into being.  Rather than striving, planning, doing or even telling others how to do, I’m more interested in being.  This requires a shift in consciousness which is taking some getting used to.  The focus is on being who I am rather than doing the things I do.  I’m not sure why, but this feels like a tremendous relief.  As though entire vistas have opened up around me.  I am luxuriating in that sense of spaciousness.

What ecstasies are you embodying today?


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