Testimonials!  They make me all happy and proud!  There’s nothing better than knowing that doing what I love helps people do and be what they love!  Thanks, everyone for your kind words.  Now, go take a big,  juicy bite out of your gorgeous lives!  Love–Karina

 “Karina B. Heart is a truly amazing, gifted, and inspiring teacher. I was blessed to train with her
many years ago and then fortunate enough to work with her again these last few weeks. She is
an amazing midwife to each person in their own unique process of birthing their gifts, and my life
has grown in so many beautiful ways from her pushing me, supporting me, and daring to tell me
the Truth when others wouldn’t. If you have not already, please go check out all the amazing things
she is doing. If you have been sitting around dreaming of the deep work you want to do and have
not known where to turn for guidance, then I’d say now is the time.
And this is definitely a woman who can get you there.”
-Emily Cashwell  

Karina opened up the road for me to change my life and myself in ways I had never thought possible.
I learned to recognize the unique talents sleeping inside of me and, even more importantly, how to
step into my personal power to bring these talents out into the open. Karina helped me find out
who I am deep inside and how to actually embody this in my life.  

-Margit, Fiber Artist, Owner Alte Kunste-Ancient Arts 

“Karina’s readings are in-depth and insightful, giving fresh perspectives through a wealth of information. They are worth more than they cost, believe me!
Her accompanying flower elixirs have given a boost to my work, helping me to navigate transitions with greater grace and ease.”

– T. Thorn Coyle, magic worker, world-traveling teacher, activist, mentor, and author of Kissing the Limitless. www.thorncoyle.com

The Flower Elixir had a really powerful effect . . . .not only am I calmer, but I find that what I think about is different as well.  
I spend less time feeling frazzled and more time musing about what sort of things I want to do, what sort of things are
My Things – my nature, my natural possessions, my natural surroundings, the work that comes naturally to me. These
are things linked to the question of what gives me Joy. Essentially I feel like I am closer to myself. And it feels good.
-Ginevra :  Editor and Translator.  Denmark.

I have long claimed to dislike writing. In Karina’s writing class, through guidance and meditations,
I found I could access deep wisdom and catch it in
words. Since then, writing has become a valuable
part of my work, in daily
practice, in seeking clarity and insights from from my souls, and in receiving

bits of unexpected ecstasies. I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore the territory of writing practice
and find the ways that it speaks to me.


This has pushed me and motivated me in so many ways. I cannot believe the alchemical transformation that I have undergone.
Many, many thanks to you Karina for facilitating this growth, for pushing me forward even when I dug in my heels so hard!  This
really manifested some beautiful and interesting components to my work.  I am a massage therapist and esthetician so I am
touching people all day long.  I have been integrating some deeply soul touching work in my massage practice as of late and
tuning into the client, to their sacred body was just dynamic.  I was really blown away by the level of trust and confidence each
of my clients have in me, the fact that each of them open and allowed this deeper soul level work was amazing.  At no time did
I get negative feedback, either physical or verbal.  I expected at least one, “So, what exactly are you doing?” but all the
responses were positive.  This is something I will continue to explore upon and use within my practice.
-Jade.  Massage Therapist & Esthetician with Aveda. 



What a gift.  I am AMAZED at the depth and focus it has brought to my work, and I feel blessed to have found it
and blessed to have your teachings in my life.  Thank you Karina.  



I was preparing to take my Chonese Herbal Board exam for the third time I felt nervous, scared, unsure and
many other negative emotions that weren’t serving me.   Karina prepared two incredibly powerful flower elixirs for me and
I was calm, confident, strong and sure.  I was able to concentrate on studying and stay positive and…I passed!
If you have an emotional block, a transition, something you would like to shift,
Karina’s flower essences are an essential tool for transformation
Asherah Allen, Lic. Ac., C


This has been a wonderful and transformative experience for me. Many if not all of these exercises will be used and loved
for years to come (perhaps my whole life!).  It has been an honor to take this journey with you. Perhaps we will walk and
dance in delight upon the path of beauty together again. Many blessings of love and delight.


Thanks so much for offering this, Karina, for teaching your work and facilitating ours with such a steady and compassionate hand.
You are a gifted teacher and I am grateful for your passion!


 I really, really enjoyed taking this course with you. I got a lot out of it.  There was a lot involved– all of it good and healthy and very necessary.  Thank you so much for your teachings!
I would certainly recommend you to others.  













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