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Gather with us for RITUALS, where magic and power combine to weave threads of desire into the grounded reality of our lives. 

RITUALS take place online on or near the yearly quarter and cross-quarter days (sabbats), on lunar cycles, or when collective need prescribes.

You can choose to attend the Ritual itself, or opt-in to the energy by submitting your Intentions.  Rituals are never recorded.

The Feast of Brighid

A Ritual of Healing, Inspiration & Transformation

The Celtic Triple-Goddess, Brighid is the patroness of Poet-Bards, Healing, and Smithcraft.  Her Feast Day is February 1, the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  

At The Feast of Brighid, we celebrate the turning of the Year-Wheel and the warming season . In sacred space we drink from Her healing well, are ignited by her sacred flame, transformed by her forge. 


Bards were the poets, singers, story-tellers, and bringers of news from afar.  Today, we continue to honor oral story-telling as a Bardic Art, but we also include any creative medium through which meaning is made and stories are told.  Writers, artists, musicians, seamstresses, leather-workers, gardeners, ritualists, and all who bring beauty and truth to the people are modern-day Bards. 

When the Bards came to the village, the whole community gathered to be entertained, informed, comforted, and carried along in their stories. Today, words travel at the speed of wifi, and we can all relate to gathering to read, watch, and listen.  As communicators, we can all identify as bards.  

We come to Brighid seeking creative inspiration, and the will to bring forth our Truth through our art–no matter the medium.

Today, when we speak of, “healing,” we include much more than the Village Herbalist-Witch-Midwife. We’ve become more diverse and specialized in our practices, we recognize all the healing arts, as well as our collective capacity to heal and be healed. 

In truth, we are all healers offering an attentive ear, a word of wisdom, a hand to hold, a meal delivered, a candle lit, a prayer whispered.

And, each of us is in need of healing for our physical beings, our mental states, our emotional traumas, and our spiritual evolution. 

We come to Brighid seeking our own healing, and to deepen our innate capacity for helping others. 

The Blacksmith works the forge where iron is transformed from raw ore to useful tools, under the intense heat of a blazing fire.  Once the ore becomes malleable, it’s hammered to take the desired shape, then plunged into cold water to hold that new form. 

Today, we recognize ourselves as both the Smith and the smithed.  We shape the raw ore of our thoughts, emotions, words, beliefs, traumas, dreams and desires under the heat of our Daring, the hammer of our Will, then stabilize our newly-shaped self in the cool and gentling waters of the heart.

We come to Brighid seeking transformation of the raw ore of our desire, talent, wounds and wishes, so we become strong, whole, sharp, and effective; so we hold our newly forged shape; so we become capable of joining others in transforming an ailing planet and suffering society.

As you can see, art is healing is transformation is art is healing is transformation. Each burns, flows, whispers into the next. Within Brighid’s sacred flame distinctions are blurred. What was perceived as separate, what was praised as specialization, what secret wisdoms were guarded for the initiated, return to their original wholeness. Complete, within her holy well, we are healed, inspired, transformed.

We come to Brighid seeking wholeness, so we might better communicate,  cooperate, collaborate, and conspire together for life, for the whole of the planet, the whole of our starry origins.

Come and Dance Her Triskel Path. Prepare to Receive Her Blessings.

The Feast of Brighid Ritual will include:

  • Greeting, Grounding & Centering
  • Creating Sacred Space/Casting the Circle
  • Invocation of the Triple Goddess, Brighid
  • In an expertly led guided-working, meet Brighid in her three forms.
    Bring her your requests/intentions for yourself and/or other(s) 
     For healing 
     For creative inspiration 
     For transformation
    Receive Her blessings
  • Group energy work to ground this magic into the reality of your life
  • Devocations
  • Releasing and Returning the Circle to its source
  • Grounding, Centering
  • Conversation and Questions

Registration Closed January 29

Full Ritual Participant

Choose this option  to attend the Ritual on Zoom February 1, 2023. 7:30-9pm EST.

You’ll receive email instructions to guide you in preparing yourself and your Intentions for the Ritual.  You will submit your Intentions via email prior to the Ritual.

Registration Closed January 29

Written Intention Participant

Choose this option if you cannot attend the Ritual but wish to receive it’s benefits and blessings.

You’ll receive email instructions to guide you in preparing and submitting your written Intentions for the Ritual. These will be  included in the energetics and blessings of the Ritual.

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