FAQ about Online Offerings

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Online Offerings.  To view the current listing and course descriptions of upcoming classes, please click here.

Online/Distance Learning workshops and intensives take place in a private, interactive online classroom.  Class materials, notes and assignments are posted to the classroom weekly.  Participants check in to the classroom at their leisure to review the materials.  It’s required that participants post weekly with informal check ins regarding progress and experience with the assignments.    We encourage online discussion, however, you do not need to be present at a specified time.  We may also utilize web-conferencing, down-loadable audio and/or video recordings, Youtube video, etc. in order to generate meaningful conversation and deepen your experience.  Online workshops might last one or two evenings (written materials and teleconferencing) while intensives generally run from five to nine weeks.

Registering for Online Workshops and Intensives is easy!  Simply click on the paypal button located beneath the class description and follow the directions.  Paypal will notify you that payment has been sent.  Karina will contact you stating she received payment and will add your contact information to the class list.  Prior to the start of the class you will receive an email invitation inviting you to log in to the online classroom.

Assignments usually include a variety of practices, exercises and tasks.  Reading materials may be suggested during a course but if there is a required reading list, it will be mentioned in the course description.  Karina’s online intensives provide proven tools and exercises which result in deep personal transformation and self-empowerment.  There are no grades.  Take what you need and go deep with it.  You can always come back to ‘unfinished’ work later.

If you still have questions feel free to contact Karina directly via email.  Karinbaheart@gmail.com

Thanks so much for taking time to connect!

Response time might take up to 48 hours – thank you for your patience!