“Each of us comes into this life carrying gifts only we are fit to deliver.  It is our intellectual, instinctual and spiritual imperative tokarinabheart (2) bestow these gifts upon the world–to share them generously and often.” 

Karina B. Heart is an internationally respected Teacher, Culture Change Leader, Spiritual Mentor, Life & Entrepreneurial Empowerment Coach, Master Firewalk Instructor and published author. She brings 0% b.s. and 100% of her heart, soul and know-how to every interaction and offering.

Her unique perspective was formed in decades of spiritual training and practice. She brings the full bearing of her wisdom and love to individuals and communities ready to embrace deep transformation in service to the current and coming cultural shifts. Beyond simplistic slogans, trite platitudes or new-age fallacies, Karina keeps it simple, stark and real while maintaining safe and compassionate learning environments. 

“We are being called–sometimes, none-too-gently–to live out our spiritual and practical wisdom amid the chaos of our time and the messiness of our very real lives. It is a huge calling! Every moment offers up an opportunity to step forward in wisdom, compassion and strength. It’s time for us to answer the call that comes from within and is echoed back to us from the Infinite. We can’t close our eyes or refuse our part in these times of great change.”

Labeled as a spiritual mentor, teacher, life coach, priestess, shaman, writer, speaker, psychic, consultant or change maker, her life’s devotion is to evoke and encourage profound personal transformation and spiritual evolution so we might become capable, effective agents for cultural change. Her no nonsense approach coupled with a deep love of humanity is often said to evoke the best and highest in those she encounters.  

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   Karina graduated summa cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a self-designed major in Women, Spirituality and Power. She  worked as a nurse providing end of life care for the elderly for many years.  She is grateful for 29 years of recovery through 12-step programs.  She’s also completed training and received certifications in Reiki, Re-Birthing, Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healing, Flower Essence  Consultation and more.  Karina is well known among her clients and peers as a Master.

  She travels widely, carrying her gifts throughout the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.  If you’re interested in booking Karina  at your venue, please contact us.