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We live amid a constant barrage of travesty, devestation, disappointment, trauma, travesty.  It’s true.  We barely have time to digest the latest horror–let alone feel it or heal it within ourselves–before we are hit with the next.  The world is very busy generating fear and trauma.  It’s true.

In order for our tender and beautiful hearts to survive it, we’ll need to spend time with beauty, truth and love.  Even if you have to search for it.  Even if all you can find of it is the reach of an infant’s hand toward Daddy’s glasses.  Even if it’s only in a piece of music, a brush stroke, a line of poetry, the rising sun, the star-cloaked sky, the voice of a friend, the sight of Black Eyed Susans along the roadside.  Seed it out.  Notice.  Give attention.  Give thanks.

If you cannot find anything beautiful, honest or kind–create it.  Be kind. Create beauty. Practice honesty–the kind that brutally vulnerable–with self and others.  These may seem small things in the face of injustice, environmental devastation, end-stage capitalism and the co-morbidity of our personal pain.  Yet, when our awareness lands upon these, they lift us.  Beauty grounds and centers us. Honesty gives rise to an awe that opens the heart. Kindness engenders gratitude.

love-warrior-chastity-hoffBeauty.  Kindness.  Honesty.  These are just other ways of saying, “Love.”

And, love?  Love is the medicine that will keep us strong.  Love is the balm for the broken, terrified and lonely heart.  Love is the answer to injustice. Love softens, yes, but it is sharp as Ocam’s Razor–cutting through all illusion.  The Heart Warrior, Love Activist is no push-over.  Seek out love. Create love. Embody love. Be love.

Then, with love in our hearts and love at the forefront of our actions. let’s begin/continue/complete bringing this world out violence and tragedy toward wholeness.

May it be so, Beloveds.
Keep loving. Let love be at the center of your reason for action.

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