The Sacred Marriage. An Esoteric Initiatory Path.

Facilitated by Karina B. Heart and Dr. vesicapiscesMargit Hoffman
United States 2015-2017.


At the center of our being there is a longing for something more meaningful.  Beneath the busy chatter of thought and activity is a fear of failure.  Below the surface markers of contentment lie chasms of emptiness.  When the masks of accomplishment, title and ownership are withdrawn we are confronted with the naked existential hunger for a life of meaning, value and connectedness.


When we are disconnected from our own Soul, no amount of outside approval will convince us we are enough.  No accomplishment will fix us.  No rationalization will heal us. Nevertheless we stalk acknowledgement, danger and instructions like an addict seeks the drug that will “fix” him.  We run from one thing to another desperately hoping, “This will be the thing that works.”   Or, we dig our heels in and demand to be seen, accepted, respected, loved.  Yet, no matter the award or applause for our accomplishment, the gnawing emptiness at our center persists.  Enough is never enough when we seek external acceptance or affirmation.  Seeking “out there” is the Way of the Child.

Magic is in the living of a life.

You don’t really get to play, fully, unless you pay with your responsibility.


We cannot continue to sublimate, ignore or deny the longing within us.  It is a spiritual imperative which must be resolved so we might live our lives fully, honorably and joyously as responsible adults.  Acknowledgement of the existential call is the first of several steps on the path toward resolution.


Every esoteric spiritual tradition speaks of and sets a path toward the Sacred Marriage. which has also been called Hieros Gamos, union, communion with the Beloved, ecstasy, liberation, nirvana, bliss and enlightenment.


The meaning, value, connection, acceptance, respect and love we seek is to be found in the relationship to and alignment with our personal divine nature.


“For if that which you seek you find not within yourself, you shall never find it without.
Behold!  I have been with you from the beginning.  I am that which is attained at the end of desire. ”
The Charge of the Goddess.


In The Sacred Marriage, we will answer the underlying call for something more.  We will commit to developing and nurturing healthy, sustainable Relationship with the our Selves/the Beloved.  We accept the Marriage Proposal, write our vows, confront our fears and speak the truth of our Vows on the day of our Wedding.  We enjoy the HoneyMoon, weather the inevitable storms and integrate the level of commitment we have entered into.

This two year path-working draws upon a wide variety of esoteric traditions and is facilitated in a carefully crafted container to assure your safety, progress and positive outcome.  Within this container we will:


  • Acknowledge and honor our existential longing.

  • Release attachment to outside approval.

  • Transform energy bound up in negative habituated patterns, making it available for a life of fulfillment

  • Overcome our Core Complexes through powerful ritual confrontation.

  • Build the solid foundation necessary for sustaining the Sacred Marriage

  • Discover what is necessary to maintain excellent self care and connection to others

  • Court and be courted by Personal Divinity as you would an exquisite lover

  • Accept personal responsibility, thereby opening ourselves to true liberation and ecstatic union

  • Name and commit to reasonable goals free from unattainable standards of perfection

  • Raise the bar and set a new standard for our personal, ethical and spiritual lives

  • Commit to aligning with and taking action from our Highest Will

  • Undergo and resolve “pre-wedding jitters”

  • Marry our human existence to our Divine Soul

  • Undergo the process of integration of this new state of being beyond the “honeymoon” stage.

When the Call comes, say, “Yes.”

With your whole being, say, “Yes.”

Through the fear and excitement, say, “Yes.”

Knowing the alternative is the gnawing and longing, say, “Yes.”

When the Beloved proposes, say,”Yes.  And Yes!  And, a million times, Yes!”

Who, When, Where:

The Sacred Marriage takes place in six weekend intensives over the course of 20 months near Tampa and Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

May 9 & 10, 2015
August 29 & 30, 2015
October 24 &  25, 2015
February 27 & 28, 2016
June 25 & 26, 2016
November 5 & 6, 2016

Facilitated by Karina B. Heart and Dr. Margit Stroebele whose combined resources, talent and wisdom have  profoundly impacted students across the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe for decades.



You must be ready and willing to face  personal challenges and truly engage in the healing process of self-knowledge for the duration of this training.  This work requires ethics, practice, determination and consistency.  You must be prepared to commit to it fully.



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