The Edge Witch Apprenticeship Enrollment

I’m so glad you’re doing this!!!!!


Enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis.   If there are still spaces to fill after July 30, I will open enrollment to my e-mail list as well as my facebook and twitter accounts. Enrollment will close when EWA reaches capacity or on August 20, whichever comes first.  If you wait to enroll and miss out because The Edge Witch Apprenticehip has reached capacity, you will land on this page and it will say so.

Those who enroll by July 30 are invited to participate in a poll that will help decide which day of the week we meet, as well as what time of day or evening. You’ll receive an email containing the dates for class on July 31.  Those enrolling after July 30, will be informed of the dates and times already set.

Upon enrollment, please return to this page and follow these links to polls that ask you to
1. Choose which days and times work best for you for Class and Check-In Calls.
2. Express your level of interest in receiving a packet of supplies each month so you’ll have everything you need in order to complete your workings. These packages will be assembled, blessed and shipped by yours truly. Your level of interest will help me decide whether to offer this service or not.

Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation of enrollment. There is no need to email to tell me you enrolled.  I will send an email on August 1 with Class and Check-In dates.  I’m asking for your patience as the organization and processing of enrollments is huge, time consuming and tedius.  I promise that once we get past this part, we’ll all have a lot more fun!

I want to give you some options when it comes to payment.

Payment:  The cost of The Edge Witch Apprenticeship is on a fixed sliding scale* of $60- $75 – $90 per month. I can accept payment monthly, quarterly or in full.  There are no refunds. Should you decide to leave training, please give me one month’s notice with your current tuition payment.  If you choose to sign up for Automatic Payments via PayPal, the funds will be drawn on the same day of the month each time (ie: You enroll on July 22–your monthly payment will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the 22nd of the month.

Because we are beginning payment in July, your tuition final tuition payment will be July 2018.

1. Manual Monthly Payment via PayPal (you will receive a reminder email from me 3 days prior to due date)

Sliding Scale Options

2. Automatic Monthly Payment Plan via PayPal

Automatic Monthly Payments

3. Manual Quarterly Payment via PayPal

(you will receive a reminder email from me 3 days prior to due date)

Sliding Scale Options



4. Manual Payment in Full via PayPal

Sliding Scale Options

*What’s a “sliding scale.”  This is a way to offer pricing that fits a variety of budgets.  As you consider your payment level, I ask that you be really honest with yourself.  The low end of the scale ($60/month) is meant for people struggling to make ends meet on a very low-income.  “Struggling” means there’s never money for dinners or movies out,and the idea of a savings account or a vacation is laughable. If that describes your day-to-day life, please choose the $60 option.
The Mid-range of the scale ($75) is for folks who can budget for this by forgoing a night at the movies or out to dinner.
High range ($90)  assumes you don’t worry about making your car or health insurance payment, have items like this built into your budget, take vacations and have some savings/investments. A portion of your payment may be applied to help someone in need.

Thank you so much! I look forward to your Edge Witch Apprenticeship!
Blessings of Love & Power–Karina

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