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Located on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida, SunCoast Firewalk Center is excited to introduce the ancient art of Firewalking to the white sand beaches and surrounding communities throughout Florida. We also bring Firewalking across the US and Europe so please contact us with your inquiries!


Challenge negative beliefs.
Overcome fear and stubborn obstacles.
Create the life you long for!



Check the Events Calendar or click the links for full program descriptions

Individuals and Groups

  • Evening Firewalk Programs
    Open to the public or we can bring Firewalking to your private event
  • Full Day Seminars:  
    Overcome Every Obstacle
    More than You Think


We walk the fire to empower our lives.
We walk the fire to challenge fear, obstacles and what we believe is “impossible.” 
We walk the Fire to connect with Spirit and to acknowledge our own potential.

  •  Intensive Weekends:
    Get Free!
    Women’s Empowerment
  • 4 Day Intensives:
    Focus on Fulfillment
  • 9 Day Trainings:
    SOAR and Leadership Training

Festivals and Retreats

         Bring SunCoast Firewalks to your Festival, Retreat, Training Program or Event.  We are happy to accommodate your needs and work with you to make your program a tremendous success.  Please contact us to discuss Firewalks, Glasswalks, Board Breaks, Re-bar bends, Arrow Breaks, Low Ropes Course, Ceremonies and more.

Non-Profit Fundraising

        Will your donors walk across fire for your cause?  What about a bed of broken glass?  We love helping non-profit groups raise funds for great causes.  Service is an integral part of our Mission and fundraising allows us to give back.  Contact us to request and information packet and discuss your needs.

Small Business and Corporate Team Building, Leadership Development 

         Our programs are unparalleled when it comes to providing valuable team building and leadership development skills.  Whether you have one employee or hundreds, SunCoast Firewalk Center is ready to help motivate your team for success.  Our programs shatter limiting beliefs and generate the unshakeable conviction that focused commitment transforms every problem into opportunity.
Our Leadership Development programs take the fear out of leading while teaching excellence and high personal standards in managing people and projects.
Contact us to discuss your needs and request and information packet.

One on One Empowerment

     We are always happy to work one on one with you!  Individual Firewalk work is done with Karina B. Heart.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Firewalk Seminars and Trainings may include other challenges such as
Broken Glass Walks, Board Breaks, Arrow Breaks,
Bending Steel and Low Ropes Courses!

Thanks so much for taking time to connect!

Response time might take up to 48 hours – thank you for your patience!