Spiritual Empowerment

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Spirit infuses everything.
Everything is, therefore, spiritual.  



From doing the dishes to creating ceremony, from parenting children to creating art, from earning money to resting deeply, from activism to pacifism–all spiritual activities. We are spirit enfleshed.  All we do, all we are, all we create and destroy, all we desire and eschew is spiritual.

The focus of Spiritual Empowerment is in developing and engaging spiritual practices which resonate with you as an individual. I’m not here to convert you to my belief systems. Rather, I’m here to help you recognize that you are more than you think.  Your personal spiritual practice may be bicycling or playing your cello. It might include cooking a gorgeous meal or absconding with your kids’ finger paints for a midnight art-session. What matters is that your practice takes you out of your head-space and into awareness of body, environment and sensation. These open us up to “flow.”  When we are relaxed and attention is focused one hundred percent on the task at hand–writing, lighting a candle, following the breath, sweeping the garage floor–we describe it as “losing” ourselves in activity.  In reality, we are never so engaged with spirit as we are when we lose track of time, leave our worries behind and let go the pressure of deadlines and to-do lists.  In this space, time expands and contracts.  We are in communion with our own Spirit-Nature though we may call it our Muse, Angel, Guide, Goddess, Buddha or the Great Void.  Names don’t matter so much as the connection to that part of us/all that is something more.

Becoming spiritually empowered doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours OM-ing on the meditation cushion — though it might.  It doesn’t have to involve dedicating an entire room in your living space to your “temple.”  It doesn’t mean you’ll become white-light-woo-woo, change your diet, join a yoga class or find yourself dancing naked ’round a fire in the woods — although it might!  Spiritual Empowerment brings you into connection with your spiritual nature where you are, as you are. Your life may very well change when you enhance and infuse it with regular spiritual practice . . . but your lifestyle needn’t.

Working with me in this capacity will help you ground and center into a practical spiritual focus which can help you feel more alive, connected, self-assured and purposeful.

Remember, you’re more than you think!
Spiritual Empowerment means being fully cognizant of that more-ness
and creating meaningful expression for it.

I’ve worked with people employed in the corporate and financial sectors, sustainable homesteaders, artists, authors, herbalists,  healers, academics, activists and home-schooling parents. I’ve worked with people who were born into comfort and those who’ve struggled their whole lives to make ends meet. I’ve worked with people who’ve used this work to overcome agoraphobia, trauma, abusive relationship patterns and incredibly low self-worth. Spiritual Empowerment work has helped my clients write books, grow gardens, set up businesses, organize protests, go back to school, teach, minister, make art, engage self love, travel and expand beyond their wildest imaginings. When you learn what you really are, you become unstoppable.

The truth is, your spiritual practice must be intimately connected to those things which already bring you pleasure. When we focus spiritual attentiveness on those activities, tremendous energy becomes available and the Spiritual Path which is uniquely your own will emerge.  You’ll want to follow where that leads.


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