Dealing with it All

Practical, Non-Bougie Self-Care for Everyone


SUNDAY, JANUARY 29   7:30pm

Join us in a 90 minute discussion on how to help yourself
get grounded and stay centered amid the onslaught of the daily news cycle.

We don’t really have the luxury of opting out of awareness. Many are wrestling with varying levels of denial, burn-out and grief. These are NORMAL and HEALTHY responses to what we are undergoing!  These are also the expected responses to a public relations campaign purposefully designed to shock and exhaust the American (and global) public into emotional, intellectual and spiritual shut-down.


You can’t help yourself or anyone else if you’re exhausted.
You can’t make good choices if you’re terrified.
You can’t make wise decisions if you don’t have accurate information.
You can’t move forward if you’re drowning in grief.
You can’t keep yourself safe if you’re constantly countering attack.



We all have a role to play in what’s happening. I am fond of reminding myself and others that we were made for these times.  You have skill sets right now that you may not yet have identified which will help you, your families and communities get through this.  If you are feeling fried, you cannot even begin to acknowledge what those skill sets. If you are entertaining varying levels of denial about how the world has turned sideways, you won’t be able to effectively apply your skills.


Wherever you are in this process is ok.
This is a shame-free space of calling-in
Learning how to maneuver through it all it is imperative.


During Dealing with it All

I’ll be doing some talking and leading a few exercises. There will be openings for discussion from participants. I encourage you to send questions you’d like discussed via email.

  • I’ll lead you through some self-assessment processes so you

    Know where you stand and

    What is most important for you to addresss immediately.

  • We’ll do some deep grounding, centering and releasing work using breath and sound.

  • I’ll give you some thought-prompts for your journal or meditation

  • Remind you of some simple,  effective ways of stepping off the roller-coaster which

    are free or inexpensive
    don’t take a lot of time
    allow you to rest, recover & recharge so you can get back to work

  • Offer suggestions for how to stay informed, take action and get future-oriented once you regain equilibrium.

  • Finally, we have to acknowledge that it’s often through crisis that profound change occurs. This applies to our personal lives, our relationships and our nation. We’ll spend some time talking about the good that’s coming out of this crisis and how we create more of that!

It’s important to me that this information be accessible to as many people as possible. In that vein, you can offer your heart-felt donation in exchange for attending. I do ask that everyone contribute something.  If it’s worth more to you than you expected it would be, consider making an additional donation or contributing to my Patreon Account where I write about these and other topics regularly.  

Upon receiving your donation, you’ll be automatically brought to a page containing the information you’ll need to participate online or by phone. I’ll also invite you to submit questions and topics for discussion via email.


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