A Witch’s Book of Silence


Karina B Heart

A Witch’s Book of Silence will help you deepen your practice and increase the efficacy of your magic.

Silence is the space from which creative impulse flows. In silence we touch the power we call God/dess and become attuned to wisdom beyond our own. We learn to commune with the spirits of land, our ancestors and others of the unseen realms. We enter the ineffable mystery sought by ancient and contemporary mystics alike. Through silent communion we attain ecstatic union with the Divine.

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The book addresses some of the most pressing and controversial concerns of the Craft as both a modern-day movement and private, religious system. A Witch’s Book of Silence is a mirror for us individually and collectively. Here we see reflected our beauty and power as well as our fear and foibles.

Divided into three segments, The first defines terms, explores concepts and discusses how and why we resist the practice of silence. The second segment offers practices leading the seeker into the heart of silence where the mysteries are revealed . The final segment offers a glimpse of what awaits us should we dare to steep ourselves in the cauldron of transformation.

A Witch’s Book of Silence is born out of decades of studying, practicing and teaching the art of Witchcraft during which time the author noted the impact of the internet on the transfer of once closely guarded information. The Witch’s Pyramid became unbalanced as the powers to Know, Will and Dare were highly sought after while Keeping Silent fell out of fashion–a silly, scary and inconsequential relic of the past.

The Witch must confront and overcome her fear and resistance to entering the realms of silence. Keeping silent is necessary to build power, perform effective magic and engage deeply with the mysteries. While written from the perspective of a Feri Witch, the concerns, practices and resolutions offered will be equally valuable when applied to any spiritual path requiring the practitioner develop self-awareness, personal integrity, cognizant communication with spirit, and the use of meaningful speech imbued with creative force.

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