FaeryGirl offers a lush selection of Mists, Waters and (bath) Bombs to empower your magical workings. Recipes and energetics were developed personally, over 20 years ago. Today, my young-adult kids help with packaging and shipping, so I can focus fully on creating and charging these magical products

FaeryGirl Mists, Waters and Bombs are made in tiny batches with all natural ingredients. They are lightly scented using essential oils to get the energetic work done without irritating your sensitive skin.  All formulas have a potent energetic charge.  Like Faeries, they do what they say they’ll do!



Mists work like a liquid form of incense to quickly shift the energy in a person, group or space.  Mist intos-l640 10ml-glass-spary-bottle-achs-460x460wthe air in your home, workplace, car, on bed linens and clothing.  The fine mist feels wonderful on your skin and really does shift your energy.
Available in Pocket (0.5 oz) clear glass bottle with atomizer $3,
Small (2 oz) $8 or
Regular (4 0z) aluminum or cobalt blue glass bottles with atomizer $14

Waters are an old-style magic also known as a wash or sprinkle. They can be used as floor-washes, in the XB-245-04-A-2rinse water of your laundry, or added to the bath. They can be used to annoint objects, sprinkle unobtrusively where others come in contact with them, or to draw invisible sigils. The only limit for their use is your own imagination!
Available in 4 oz aluminum or cobalt-blue glass bottles with a screw-on cap.  $14


30456f814ebd9e5720f1dce5401e6c62Bombs are a new twist on ritual bathing. When placed in your bath, you can actually watch the magical charge release as the bomb fizzes, scents and transforms the bath water! Made with gentle, natural ingredients, including coconut oil, Bombs come packaged in an aluminum tin (pictured below). We love these, and know you will too!
Each tin contains 6 oz –enough for up to three baths.  $9.00



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Faery Enchantment Uplifting, mischeivious and sweet. For a shift in energy when things have gotten too heavy and serious. Also great when you need an energy boost.  Light floral and resinous.

Faery Enchantment

Dark Mystery A particularly heady magic for grounding and connecting to earth while increasing your sex appeal.  Very attractive but so light it’s not cloying.  Prepare yourself and your space for sensual encounters.  Dark and earthy scents.

Dark Mystery

Bella Luna . . . Beautiful Moon.  A deep, mysterious, feminine magic for wishes, spells and all manner of enchantment. The bath is lovely for your Full Moon workings.  Floral, almond, secretive.

La Bella Luna

Song of the Sea is dedicate to our Mother of Waters. Oceans, rivers, streams, tears and amniotic fluid belong to Her. Emotionally opening and energetically nourishing. Deep undertones, frothy florals.

Song of the Sea

Golden Aligned with Oshun for sweetness, prosperity and sensuality.  Deeply grounding with a light, floral, sexy scent. Crafted using natural honey, praise songs, and a slow hip-sway.


Winds of Change is dedicated to Oya, who ushers in rapid transformation. For a quick and deliberate shift in energy, circumstance, and outcomes.  It can be used in left-hand magic to disrupt and destroy. The effects of Winds of Change (as in all magic) is dependent upon your clear Will.

Winds of Change

Chill Out is aligned with Obatala, King of the White Cloth and Cool-Headed Justice. Use when you or your circumstances are moving too fast and burning too hot, when tempers flare, things feel jangly and irritable. I prescribe this to folks who are working intensely with Iron Pentacle energy. It also has a psychic-opening affect.  Allergen Warning: Contains coconut.

Chill Out

Heart Heal is a balm, a kiss, a gentle hand cooling the forehead when the heart feels raw. Mist yourself for immediate relief. Cleanse with the Water. Or soak in the bath filled with the gentlest florals.

Heart Heal

Vibes Away  A long-time favorite of FaeryGirl customers, Vibes Away clears negative vibes from your energy body, environment and objects.  This is the remedy to eradicate psychic detritus that makes us tired, irritable, anxious, sad, head-achey, accident-prone, unable to halt obsessive thinking or finish what needs getting done.  Earthy, green and lightly citrus. Available only in Mists.

Vibes Away

Prosperity  We all need money. This blend helps change your colonized relationship with money so it flows more freely into your life. Use when you catch yourself cursing money, your financial situation, or yourself for not having enough; to bless your money, cards and other symbols of abundance.  Use Bombs when you know it’s time to blow up your bad relationship with money and welcome green into your life.  Smells like money–dirt, tang, metal and spice.




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Iron Pentacle  The Iron Pentacle is a Feri Tradition tool for empowerment, purification, boundaries and self-centering. Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power charge this darkly sensuous and invigorating blend. Crafted with vision, fire, chanting and natural ingredients.

Iron Pentacle

Clarity Cut through confusion.  Stop over-thinking, spinning out in worry, or overhelming emotions. Get clear of other people’s projections.  Bright citrus, clean greens, with deep undertones for grounding.


Blue Fire  Clears heavy vibrations, purifies negative energies and disintegrates psychic detritus. Lifts, energizes and stabilizes.  Aligned and attuned with the Blue God, the Aumakua, and our highest ideals.

Blue Fire

Self Fire and Will  Access and empower the fire in your belly, your passion, will, and daring. Fire ignites, inspires, enlivens and warms.  Scents of fire and earth.

Self Fire and Will

Black Heart  Attainment of the Black Heart of Innocence is to Feri Tradition Witchcraft, as Nirvana is to Buddhism. The Black Heart is innocent, pure, unbridled like the wild animal, delighful as the unbroken child. Lascivious, dark,and spicey.

Black Heart

Eye of Peacock  The peacock, prominent in occult traditions world-wide, reminds us of our inherent beauty, brilliance, power and pride. When you need to remember your magnificence and see it reflected back to you, see through the Eye of Peacock.  Sexy surprise, spice with exotic floral notes.

Eye of Peacock

Pearl Pentacle  The Pearl Pentacle is a Feri Tradition tool for empowering ethics, healthy relationships and clear communication. Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Justice and Liberty charge this blend. Clean, bright notes

Pearl Pentacle

Shield Whether you’re going to the workplace, dinner with the family, or the big festival, suit up with Shield of Protection. Don’t give other people’s psychic detritus or projections a chance to take hold in you.  Metallic, earth.


When you didn’t catch the sorcery before it hit, Reversing clears the energy in/around you and returns it to the sender. Also works to break a streak of bad luck, or turn around negative outcomes.
If a mirror had a scent, this would be it. Available only as Water.


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Peace  The boddhisatva Kwan Yin, through compassion, brings peace.  Use Peace to still the waters, soothe the edges, quiet the anxiety. Call compassion and peace to your self, your environment, your people.  Gentle florals, greens and umami.


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