Special Blend Flower Elixirs

 When you order a Special Blend Flower Elixir it ships within 3 business days.  It arrives in the mail with a detailed explanation of the flowers it contains, instructions for use, an affirmation and a simple but powerful exercise for aligning your own Higher Self with the essence of the flowers.
For a great explanation of what Flower Essences are and why Flower Elixirs are an excellent means of Soul Support check out my audio-blog, Flower Power! 

The Next Level

As we traverse our spiritual paths becoming more sound, healthy and whole beings, we sometimes find ourselves at a crossroad.  Here, we have a view of all we have been and done, our accomplishments and lessons well integrated.  Simultaneously, we hear the call to step forward into even greater wholeness, even deeper work, even more profound levels of commitment and service.  This Flower Essence blend strengthens our resolve, increases our courage and allows us to expand so we may carry forth our gifts with greater integrity and influence.  The Next Level assists us in pushing through our own barriers (fear, shame, judgment, need for control and approval) so we can break through and shine ever more brightly.

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Perhaps the single most important gift we can give ourselves is that of forgiveness.  When we cannot forgive ourselves (sometimes it never even occurs to us that this is necessary!), we tend to be very very hard on ourselves.  We count our mistakes, playing them over and over again.  We blame, shame and judge ourselves–dealing more harshly with self than we would ever dream of dealing with anyone else.  Name calling, self derision and demeaning become the background voice whispering in our ear continually.  There comes a time when we must learn to silence that negative voice once and for all.  We do this by forgiving ourselves for entertaining the litany of doom and forgiving ourselves for our errors, mistakes and poor choices.  The flower essences in this Elixir open our heart so we can access love and forgiveness for even the most broken, belittled and derelict parts of our nature.  In loving forgiveness we heal.  From there, all else follows.
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This Elixir helps us release habitual anxiety.  Sometimes, we can become so anxious it feels as though we drank a pot of coffee or were just chased five miles by a saber toothed tiger.  This level of stress builds over time but can become so habitual we cannot begin to imagine how to get calm.  Sleep patterns are disturbed.  Thought patterns are scattered.  Speech is rapid and disjointed.  Our jaw and shoulder muscles tense, our hands might shake or we may feel we are “shaking inside.”  There seems to be a hardening or shielding around the heart and torso.  We might describe our inner landscape as very hot and/or dry.  The flowers in this Elixir combine to help our overworked adrenal glands relax and recover.  It also assists us in softening our shields and dropping down into our lower energy centers (rather than our heads) so we can operate from a place that is centered, calm, grounded and capable while also being open, fearless and kind.
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Flower Elixirs

Clear Communication

Sometimes we find it difficult to communicate clearly due to lack of experience, fear, shyness or any other number of reasons.  Whether you’re unclear in verbal, written or expressive communication (body language), this Flower Elixir can help you overcome your obstacles to expressing yourself gracefully.  In a world that depends more and more upon the art of skillful sharing of information, Clear Communication opens your channels and brings in the bright energy of the flowers (who are never shy about expressing their beauty and grace).  Clear Communication subtly works with you to lessen shyness, insecurity and muddled thinking.  Simultaneously, it increases confidence, clarity and courage.  Find your voice.  Speak your truth.
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Go Gently

It’s a fast paced world!  More and more we’re being required to split our attention and focus–multitasking and moving quickly from one unrelated thing to another.  Computer screens, music, crowds, traffic, smart phones and a myriad of other stressors compete for our attention and can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and overwrought.  This Flower Elixir is a beautiful remedy for the “new normal” pace.  It contains no stimulants.  In fact, its ingredients help us stay centered, grounded, and calm amid constant stimulus, demands for our attention and  the high expectation for us to keep up with fast paced work places and life styles.  Take a breath!  Learn to Go Gently through while you keep up with it all.
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Procrastination is the inability to bring ourselves to do what needs to be done.  Apathy is the belief we can’t do anything about what needs to be done.  Resistance is a combination of apathy and procrastination with a little bit of resentment thrown in for good measure.  These can manifest obviously in large things like working consistently toward a deadline, starting  a spiritual practice or an exercise regime.   But, they can also manifest in tiny ways like “forgetting” to take vitamins, drink water, get off the internet or make the appointment with the massage therapist.  Procrastination, apathy and resistance stem from something inside us which balks at taking action.  Perhaps it is fear of change or of failure.  Perhaps it has to do with  not trusting ourselves to follow through or not being motivated enough to even begin.   This flower elixir eases us from the downward spiral of inaction and the grip of stubborn resistance.  These flowers combine to work as catalysts so we can get up, get going and follow through–no matter how large or small the task before us.
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 As Above So Below

This Elixir helps us to open up to spiritual experience and wisdom while remaining firmly grounded.  Oftentimes, when we embark on new spiritual territory we get a little ‘unhinged.”  Many people seek “spiritual highs” like a drug addict seeks the drug.  This doesn’t really lead to spiritual development but can quickly lead to burn out.  We can become flighty, forgetting to eat, rest or hydrate.  We can become irritable, ill, exhausted or manic when we can’t ground our experiences and practices in practical ways.  As Above So Below encourages us to reach our spiritual heights, but  keeps us grounded and centered while we do so.  This way, we are better able to integrate the wisdom and power spiritual experiences are meant to provide.    This is also an excellent elixir for more experienced spiritual practitioners which may be wrestling with integrating their Highest Will in real, practical terms–grounding them in action and measurable results.


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