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What’s an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive Readings bring clarity to situations which feel limiting, confusing or frustrating.    They help us look at what’s going on in the present and how we got where we are.They help us see patterns and energies which underpin our current situation.  I see divination as a way of unraveling the places where our lives have become tangled.   Once these knots are untied, we can set a course–not directed by predestiny, but by informed choice and the application of our will.

Intuitive Readings are not “fortune telling” and I make no claim on predicting the future. We have this incredible gift of free will.  The future changes–literally rearranges and adjusts itself with each decision we make.  So, even when a reading seems to point down a particular pathway, you can engage your free will to change direction and alter outcomes.  Intuitive Readings provide the information and guidance necessary to make informed choices in alignment with our Highest Self/Divine Nature.


What kind of reading is it?

I am adept at using a variety of divination tools (tarot and oracle decks, pendulums, scrying, runes, seashells and coins, to name a few).   I use three to five different divination tools during the course of an Intuitive Reading, so each is completely unique and personally tailored to the client.  Coupled with careful listening, well honed intuition and a very sharp ability to see into the heart of matters, my readings untangle and sort out issues about relationship, career, prosperity, spiritual growth, family, health and others.

Intuitive Readings unravel complex issues, reveal energetic patterns and provide insight and clarity.  Often, as the reading progresses, a very clear path is laid out before you and an array of spirit guides and allies step forward to guide you toward clear intention, strong resolve and the betterment of your situation.  I never know who is going to show up until they make themselves known during the reading.


What does an Intuitive Reading Involve?

Intuitive Readings are scheduled in person, by phone or online using Skype.   We have  a 45-60 minute conversation where I listen intently, ask questions and help discern what your core questions/concerns are. Your reading does not take place during our meeting!   After our conversation, I spend 3-5  hours using a variety of methods to divine the information you seek.  I take careful notes during this process.  Later, I edit the notes and develop a thorough 8-12 page write up of the entire reading.  In addition, I scan images of the cards, runes, coins, etc. from your reading so you can refer to them.   You may opt to have the Intuitive Reading sent to you via email or snail mail.  This is absolutely the most thorough, in depth, honest and helpful reading you’ll ever experience.

I’m honored to have provided Intuitive Readings  for some of the brightest  luminaries of our time including Spiritual Teachers, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Authors, Artists, Doctors, Activists, Healers, Herbalists, Public Speakers, Shamans and Priestesses, to name but a few.  I hold every reading in complete confidence–your privacy is 100% assured.  It’s important that those of us whose Gifts include helping others have a private place to discuss our most personal concerns — seeking  guidance from a trusted peer who can tell it like it is while holding your privacy with the honor you deserve.


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If you’re looking for quick, precisely targeted  insight on a current issue rather than an depth Intuitive Reading of your situation, check out The Fast & Forthright Readings I offer!


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