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If you’re  looking for immediate clarification of an emergent situation, my Fast & Forthright Readings will take you there.  Expect unvarnished, unadulterated Truth as we’re working quickly together and there isn’t time for tiptoeing around potentially tender areas.  When you need to get very clear very quickly and when you have specific questions concerning a situation, Fast & Forthright Readings are great!  If you’re looking for answers and assistance with deeper concerns or long-standing patterns, you should consider my much more in depth  Intuitive Readings.

For these readings I use Tarot, Oracle, Runes of the beautiful cards created by Martin Bridge which are included with Orion Foxwood’s book, The Faery Teachings (pictured to the right).  We look at Contributing factors, Focus and Outcomes.  Fast & Forthright Readings will give you a clear understanding of the energies at play, what’s working in/on/around your now and where you’re headed.  Remember!  You always have Free Will!  So, if you don’t like where you’re headed, you can change direction!


Fast & Forthright readings last one hour on the phone or Skype.   You are always free to take notes or record your reading.  I am happy to provide scanned images of your reading.

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Important Information about Appointments, Confirmations, Cancellations and Refunds

48 hours before our consultation, you’ll receive a confirmation notice from Booked In.
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No refund will be given for your failure to reschedule within 30 days of your cancelled appointment.Cancellations and Refunds  If you wish to cancel your Consultation, I require 48 hours notice in order to issue a refund.
No refunds will be given for missed appointments or those cancelled less than 48 hours prior to our appointment,

If you’re looking for a more in depth reading to help clarify & guide you through a long-standing concern, please consider booking an Intuitive Reading.

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