The Practice & Power of Silence


A Live On-Line or In-Person Program

Wisdom arises in the space between breaths, the pause in conversation, the rest between stanzas. Here, the Witch comes to know themselves. In these slow, patient stretches, the oyster opens to reveal its pearl of honor and power.

We weave our gossamar threads into the web of time and digital space. We fashion a container within which to define and explore the practice, powers and pitfalls of silence as described in my book, A Witch’s Book of Silence.  The live, online or in-person class is offered when a sufficient number of interested participants email me (see Logisitics, below). 
Discussions focus upon:
  • The difference between holding silence and keeping secrets
  • Silence as complicity
  • Privacy
  • Silence as invocation to wisdom and power
  • The Very Loud World we inhabit
  • How and why we fear silence
  • How idle chatter creates energetic leaks
  • Keeping our own counsel
We spend a significant portion of our time engaged in some of the Practices set forth in my book. These may include guided meditation, timed journaling, breathwork, active listening exercises, assessing for energy leaks and sealing them up.
In offering this intensive, guided work, I respond to your questions about silence, while guiding your work toward a courageous engagement with it.
If we are to embody the power of silence, we must bring it inside ourselves, exuding it from our very pores, the shine of our eyes, the rare pearl falling from our lips. We must walk the pathways so often and with such surety that the map of the path and the path itself become embedded within us. We go back and forth along the trail as naturally as a hawk takes to the sky. Just as the salmon is part river, we are part silence. We ride the cycle of power until it is undifferentiated from us–no longer something we study, practice, know or do, but what we have become and are.
Click the title to purchase A Witch’s Book of Silence.  It is required reading prior to participating in the workshop. If you’ve already read it, take an evening to read it again.

If you are interested in this 5 hour live on-line or in-person workshop, please contact me directly.  When there are a sufficient number of interested participants, I will be in touch with you via email regarding setting a mutually agreeable date and time.  Cost of the workshop is a fixed sliding scale of $54-$72-$90 per person OR $630 for a group of ten participants you organize.
Meanwhile, read the book and work with the exercises!

Thanks so much for taking time to connect!

Response time might take up to 48 hours – thank you for your patience!