Spiritual Cleansing & Psychic Protection

Below, you can watch the video intro to Spiritual Cleansing & Psychic Protection (be patient as the video loads and buffers!):

CTW – Care and Feeding of Witches – Psychic Cleansing from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.


CTW – Care and Feeding of Witches – Psychic Protection from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

Spiritual Cleansing & Psychic Protection includes over 8 hours of video and book recommendations.  You’ll receive practical exercises and assignments you can do immediately to start clearing yourself of conscious and unconscious influence of others–both embodied and enspirited.

How it Works:
Upon enrollment, Paypal will automatically bring you to the page on this website where your video training resides.  Please wait and allow Paypal to redirect you!  Once you arrive on the Materials page, follow the instructions carefully–copying the link in a safe place and downloading the video to your system/device.  Enrollment fee is $63.00

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