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I’m really excited you’ve decided to embark on this journey exploring the ins and outs of Spiritual Cleansing & Psychic Protection.  These are topics I teach and discuss with everyone who works with me in any capacity.  Spiritual Cleansing is every bit as important as your personal hygeine and household cleanliness.  Psychic Protection is as necessary as locking your car door, wearing a seatbelt when you drive, and using oven-mitts when handling a hot dish.  These topics are really down to earth and so important.  I’m always surprised to hear when people think it’s silly to keep your self and environment clear of negative influence.
These practices, all by themselves, will garner noticeable results in your life.

In the videos, I mention two books, both by Spiritualist and Author, Draja Mikaharic.
You can find these on Amazon or your favorite bookseller.  Here are the links for Amazon:
Spiritual Cleansing
A Century of Spells


While you can watch the videos right from this website, you may find that the time it takes for them to load and buffer is frustrating. You can also opt to download them to your device by simply:
1.  Right-click on the sound-bar of the video
2.  Your system will provide a drop-down menu.
3.  Choose “download” from the drop-down menu.
4.  Save to your system.
It make take a little while for your system to download the videos. They are all at least an hour long.  Once they are downloaded, you can view on your system’s video viewer.
strongly encourage you to download the videos so you have access to them forever.  I once had a website crash and lost all the content on it.  If that were to happen (Gods, forbid!), here, you’d no longer have access to the videos, either.
Also, copy the link down somewhere safe so you can access this page when you want to.  If you lose the link and contact me for it, you will need to provide me with a screenshot of your Paypal receipt, proving purchase of the program.  I am frequently teaching Intensive Trainings or am away on Writing Retreat, during which time I do not check email.  So, please be forewarned that emailing me for your link to materials may result in waiting (sometimes more than a week) for a response.  I don’t have employees.  It’s just me, over here, doing all the things.  Save us both some trouble, and copy the link.

Before I leave you, I do need to say that you purchased this training program for your personal use.  My videos, workshops, audio files, etc., should never be used in groups, presentations, or the like.  Nor should the links or passcodes be shared with friends, family members, coven-mates, students, circle-mates, etc.  I earn my living by teaching.  Please respect my work by not participating in pirating it in any way.  Part of living a spiritual life is being a good person, taking responsibility, and doing the right thing.  Thank you for being that kind of dedicant.

May All Your Works Be Blessed in Love & Power–
Karina B. Heart


Care & Feeding of Witches: Spiritual Cleansing Part I from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

Care & Feeding of Witches: Spiritual Cleansing Part II from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

Care & Feeding of Witches: Psychic Protection & Self Defense Part I from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

Care & Feeding of Witches: Psychic Protection & Self Defense Part II from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

Care & Feeding of Witches: Psychic Protection & Self Defense Part III from Karina B. Heart on Vimeo.

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