Iron Pentacle Series


A Self-Paced Audio Series
Enrollment Ends July 15, 2018.


The Iron Pentacle Series, facilitated by Karina BlackHeart is likely the most intensive Iron Pentacle training available outside formal Feri Training. We focus on each Point of the Pentacle–Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power–for five weeks. During this time, we examine our assumptions, beliefs and habits as we engage with rituals of purification, devotion and empowerment.

In the Self-Paced Audio Series, students can choose to focus on one, some, or all of the Points of the Iron Pentacle–Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power.  Each of the five Points contains five audio classes along with pdf files containing clear notes and assignments.

A Five-Part Self-Paced Audio Series for the Restoration of
Our Human-Wild-Divine Nature

Presented by Karina BlackHeart

The Iron Pentacle is a powerfully transformative tool from the Feri Tradition.  As a spiritual practice, it’s a means of self-awareness, correction and empowerment. Applied consistently, it allows us to continually develop as stronger, more effective human beings. Its many uses include, but are not limited to:
  • Self diagnosis and eradication of negatively held beliefs, habits and complexes.
  • A lens through which we can perceive and clear our imbalances, strengths, beauty and intensity.
  • Forging a strong magical container for personal, interpersonal and magical Power.
  • Opening to the Mysteries of our stellar origins and our blood
  • Restoring our true nature by healthy embodiment of Sex, Self, Passion, Pride & Power.
  • Honing and sharpening of one’s Highest Will.
  • Centering the Self so as to attract, develop & sustain healthy relationships.


Iron Pentacle operates on many levels within the practitioner.  There are many, many Iron Pentacle practices, exercises and rituals in use to help us attain the strength, power and fortitude which are the markings of a healthy Witch. In this series, I’m offering what I’ve come to believe are the best practices for manifesting and sustaining our liberation from shame, fear, guilt, apathy and greed.

The names of the points on the Iron Pentacle — Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power — are human attributes which have been twisted and turned against us. These powerful words can cause us to feel confused, ashamed, guilty and selfish. Yet, in our natural state we are inherently sexual, self-aware, passionate, proud and powerful! Iron Pentacle is a star-strewn path leading us back to our birthright as sovereign beings. Come! Let’s walk awhile together until you know the path and make it your own


Actualizing the Iron Pentacle is a five-part self-paced series. Each segment lasts five weeks.  I encourage you to take at least five weeks with each segment.  Rushing through and skipping aspects of the course will not serve you well.

You are welcome to register for one, some or all five segments in the series.


Should you wish to meet individually with me, private sessions can be arranged (additional fee).

There will be assignments for daily practice, journaling, getting outside, going within and stretching beyond your edges.

There are minimal supplies necessary for your practice. A list will be made available to you upon registration.

All written and recorded materials are downloadable and yours to keep.



Sex is not a doorway leading to something else. Cora Anderson

Our bodies, minds and spirits have been de-sensitized. Our sex has undergone a de-sacralization. Through the use of all five senses and all three souls, we will Re-sensualize and Re-sacralize our Sexual Selves. Praise be the taste of raspberries bursting on the tongue! Praise be the scent of sandalwood burning on the altar! Sing Hallelujah to textures of silk and leather. Can I get a Witness to the majesty of cool water and heated breath? Sing praise songs to the convulsing creative force — all that Is, Was and is Yet to be –which moans, sighs and weeps in an unending dance of surrender and will.

This five week online intensive workshop will take us deep into our personal Sexual Nature and that of the body of God Hirself in whom “we live move and have our being.” Starting with foundational questions and practices, we will dive deeply into the sexual/sensual Nature of all that is, making of ourselves a living prayer for Sexual Potency. We will explore how Sex connects to and intersects with the other points on our Iron Pentacle—Self, Passion, Pride and Power—informing and shaping the whole while also being forged by them. Iron Pentacle is a dynamic and powerful tool used for diagnostic exercises but also for healing and empowering the Witch and –through us– the world we live in.

This segment of the Actualizing the Iron Pentacle series is a celebration and affirmation of our sexuality, our bodies and the “base” chakras which are concerned with safety, security and tribe. Expect it to be juicy, dark, lascivious and unapologetic. That said, everyone participating should be committed to co-creating a respectful container within which to discuss all manner of sex-related topics.

Come! Dance the knife’s edge into Sex!

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SELFBLACKWOMAN_s_1_640 Star Goddess

God is self and self is god and god is a person like myself.  Victor H. Anderson

This five week online workshop will take us deep into the three-fold nature of Self and its myriad manifestations. Beginning with foundational questions and practices, we will mine our depths for the multi-faceted jewel of Healthy Selfhood.  Through reading, discussion, a variety of exercises and ritual magic we will endeavor to eloquently express that jewel in thought, word and deed.

Of course, we will also explore how Self connects to the other points on our Iron Pentacle— Passion, Pride, Power and Sex—informing and shaping the whole while also being fed and shaped by them.

Iron Pentacle is a dynamic magical tool for self awareness and personal empowerment.

IN THE NAME OF SELF is a celebration and affirmation of the three-fold spirits we are—Human, Wild and Divine.  Expect it to be juicy, surprising and personally revelatory.   Expect to work hard and to be delighted as we come to know the Nature of Self and how we might express it more fully without shame, fear or guilt.

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“Passion without precision is chaos.”  Victor H. Anderson

Passion is a driving force.  Passion is a healing force.  Passion enables truthful and authentic expression of Who We Are.  In Iron Pentacle work we find Self must encounter Passion before approaching Pride and Power if cycling energy “around” the pentacle. When cycling through the points, Power must pass through Passion before completing the circuit at Sex.

In this intensive online workshop we will ignite the fires of passion within us—the fires of cleansing and healing, inspiration and follow-through.  Loosing the floodgates of our passionate nature, we will break through limiting habits of shame, fear and guilt.  Finally, we taste the sweetness  of  “yes” on our lips as we answer the invitation to dance among the stars.

Passion is a celebration and affirmation of the three-fold spirits we are—Human, Wild and Divine.  Expect  the workshop to be juicy, surprising and personally revelatory.   Expect to work hard and to be delighted as we come to know the Nature of Passion as it is embodied and expressed through a Self aligned with Sex, Pride and Power.  If the nature of the Universe is Passionate, then who does that make you?

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Shake your tail feathers, baby.  The Rolling Stones

41857717 - a beautiful male peacock with expanded feathers
41857717 – a beautiful male peacock with expanded feathers

True pride is elegant and fierce. Sometimes called charisma, grandeur or brilliance, Pride calls attention to itself naturally and effortlessly. Healthy Pride is a fire burning bright within us which is uniquely our own. Fed by Passion, Power, Sex and Self, this fire burns clear and bright—illuminating all we do and are. It is Pride which allows us to identify ourselves as Divine. It is Pride which carries our Passion toward Power so it can be made manifest. In Pride we overcome the shame, fear and guilt which keep us mired in self-pity and inaction. In Pride, we draw upon our Sexual nature and deliver it to Self. In Pride we stand tall with clear eyes and magic on our tongues. Pride is a gift of the Peacock Lord. He calls to you now. Will you answer and receive?

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Power and vulnerability walk hand-in-hand. Karina BlackHeart

True Power arises within us when raw energy flows unobstructed through Sex, Self, Passion and Pride. True Power wells up from within. It shines through the eyes and voice. Power is in the hand of the mother soothing hir child’s brow. Power is in the will of the Witch, making his magic true and sure. The Power born of Iron Pentacle is natural, non-authoritarian or forceful. It’s the voice rising in song, the boom of thunder, the stillness of midnight, the high cry of the hawk, the steady gaze of wisdom.

Power stands firm yet flexible. It walks hand-in-hand with vulnerability. True Power is a glory to behold. It inspires awe and wonder.

During these five weeks, we’ll examine what power is and isn’t, how it’s been confused and abused, and how to access our natural state of Power so we might use it in the daily magic of living more comfortably and completely within our skin. A Witch deals in power. She seeks it. He hunts it. They call it to them. A Witch is Power.

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