Requisite Rituals



Human life requires community ritual.

It is human nature, to gather in sacred space to acknowledge and ritually mark the transformations in our individual and collective lives.  Whether we are moving through Rites of Passage, Intensity, Transformation, or Rituals of Grief, Celebration, Renewal or Resistance, we cannot do it alone.  We should not mark these passages alone.

Communal ceremony is necessary, needful, required.  Together, we bear witness, lend power, uphold, protect, and make real the magic of these times of transformation.

One reason (among many) our culture is so bereft, is that we do not perform ceremony together.  From womb to tomb, with the exception of weddings, our Rites of Passage are undergone alone.  Graduation ceremonies, gift and candy holidays, sports events, retirement parties, baby showers, and uncomfortable funeral-home wakes are not enough to hold us, witness us, uplift us.  We bear our difficulties, successes, trauma, grief, and elations alone.

Unless these moments are properly witnessed and ritualized, they cannot be fully embodied, felt, expressed, or integrated.

For our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and communal well-being, we must gather among people — being held by and holding the charged space for our lives to incorporate personal change and integrate collective experience.

Let us gather together, held in beautifully created and powerfully tended sacred space, among beloved community (even strangers are beloveds when baring our deep humanity). Let us give and receive what we require–meaningful ritual acknowledging and affirming our human nature in all its wonder, sweetness, glory, grief, uncertainty and messiness.


Many of us have attended “performative” rituals.  That is, spaces where the ceremony is highly scripted, choreographed and acted.  These rituals cannot help but model performance.  Let’s be clear:  Requisite Rituals are not performative pageantry.  Within the circle, we allow the energy to do what it must for the work to be done, for the rites to be true, for the community to be healed.  We ask for your full and honest participation, but never your performance.

Requisite Rituals take place over 2 days and three nights.  This allows us to fully arrive in the space together, to enter the Rites fully, and to integrate the energies before travel.  There are times for solitude and rest built in to our time together.

We open the Circle in October 2022, to acknowledge, embody, express and hold space for our collective Great Grief.

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