Personal Transformation


Let’s work together to do whatever it takes to:

  • Move past your blocks to living peacefully, deeply, consciously and successfully.

  • Eradicate the fear, shame and guilt keeping you from your most potent self-actualization.’

  • Define what’s holding you back and burn through it like wildfire.

  • Develop clear boundaries and practice maintaining them no matter what!

  • Align your highest and best intention with meaningful action.

  • Bring forth the gifts you are meant to deliver.

  • Create opportunity for your truest vision and highest will to manifest.

  • Develop meaningful relationships which feel safe, secure and supportive.

  • Create rituals and routines necessary to keep you from the burn out we all experience.E

  • Engage in the kinds of self-care that excite and nourish your passions.

You and I commit to doing whatever it takes to help you navigate the current affairs in your life so you can live well.  Let’s work together for the personal transformation necessary for you to take your rightful role in your own life.   Let’s assure that role is healthy, centered in the heart and free of shame, fear or guilt.

Personal Transformation work is ideal when undergoing or having recently completed major life changes such as moving, marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, getting a divorce, changing jobs, starting a business or grieving a loss.  This work is also appropriate for overcoming internalized oppression and/or abuse as well as excavating your cultural privilege without shame or guilt.

This can and should be a vulnerable process.  It’s there, in the midst of discomfort and openness, that we make the greatest strides.

You can schedule a 45 minute FREE initial phone consultation to find out if working together toward your Personal Transformation by clicking below:

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Personal Transformation Coaching requires a minimum commitment of six months. I currently have openings for 6 month and 12 month packages.  Let’s discuss details in our initial consultation.

Let’s fight for what you really want!

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