Edge Witch Apprenticeship

The Edge Witch Apprenticeship
with Karina BlackHeart

Please Note!  Enrollment closed December 15, 2018!
The next EdgeWitch Apprenticeship is scheduled to begin in the Autumn of 2020.

The Witch lives on the Edges.  Even if she resides in the center of the city, if he stands at the center of the Circle or they often seem to be the center of attention — our natural place is at the Edge.

From the Edges, we observe — our fellow humans, the turning of the seasons, the activity of birds and wild things and domesticated beings. From the Edges, we listen — for the raspy caw of the Crow, the whispering of Other-Beings, the infant’s laughter, the lover’s cry.  From the Edges, we sense — the tide turning, a storm coming, friends falling in love.  At the Edges, we read the signs and omens, the energetic patterns and the future. At the Edges, we remember our own Center.

The Edge Witch Apprenticeship is a 13 month excursion around the Edges of things. We explore the liminalities where shadow and light play, where love and hate vie, where passion and apathy co-exist and where the spiritual realms intersect with the physical. To know the Edge, one must also explore the center. To stand in the center, one must be exquisitely aware of the Edges, those places where our boundaries end and another’s begin.

We will meet online via web and teleconferencing once per month for Teaching and Discussion. There will be suggested reading assignments, but the real emphasis of this Apprenticeship is experiential. During our thirteen months together, we’ll explore and name our own Edges as well as how to protect them, make them more permeable or intense based upon our need in any given moment.  We’ll learn to expand and extend our Edges — becoming large and taking up space. We’ll become acutely aware of when our Edges are too malleable or altogether non-existent.

Once we gain a certain comfort in our own physical and etheric skin, we’ll move on to explore the Edges of our consciousness — softening or opening them so as to See that which most do not, and to Read the patterns, signs and omens in the world around us without cards, runes or other divination systems. Witches must be capable of relying upon and trusting our own Vision.

One who is Self-Aware and aware of what lies outside the Self, is ready to begin weaving their own Vision into being,  One might even deign to weave larger patterns so as to benefit loved ones, communities, the natural and Other worlds as well as the false-world manufactured by those who worship greed, jealousy, war and power-over as their god.

This Apprenticeship is not Feri Training, although all I do and am and Teach is influenced by that Tradition. This Apprenticeship is not Wicca, nor is it neo-pagan eclecticism. While we will work with the power of the Moons and the Wheel of the Year, we will do so as a means of accessing pinnacles of power, slipping through thin veils, reaching into the Other Realms for wisdom, healing and power.

The Edge Witch, according to Terry Pratchett, deals with the edges of things–ANY edges where boundaries apply: The edge between life and death, light and dark, good and evil, right and left, night and day, youth and maturity, autumn and winter, sorrow and ecstasy, this world and the others,  “A Witch who describes herself as an Edge Witch, watches over and guards these edges.  They think fast because edges can shift” in the blink of an eye.  These Witches hone senses that most people never realize they have — including other kinds of Witches.

The Witch, according to Victor Anderson, has always lived on the edges. Indeed, when fire was first domesticated and the people would gather ‘round it for meals and ritual, discussion, song and story . . . . But, ”The Witch turned away from the fire and wandered into the darkness.”  There in the darkness, beyond the bounds of civilized niceties, we seek wisdom, power and healing which we bring back for the people. That wisdom, power and healing — and the Witch hirself–is both revered and feared, respected and reviled.  We dance between the center and the edges today, as we have always done.

If you know yourself to be an Edge Witch but haven’t quite yet become comfortable with your lot, this Apprenticeship is a perfect fit for you. Likewise, if you’ve a curiosity or a talent for Seeing the Unseen, Reading Signs and Omens, Weaving and Unravelling patterns and outcomes, this Apprenticeship was designed with you in mind.  If you’re an empath, an introvert, a spirit or animal Whisperer, there is a place at the table for you, here. This is a home-coming place for those who’ve suspected there are others who share our “differences,”–even  among pagan people.


Some unsolicited testimonials from current students . . . .

Karina’a classes are all really amazing. I’ve had the joy and opportunity to work with her  and it’s completely changed the direction of my life. She’s a teacher that will challenge you to step into who you are at your core. Being able to see our edges is one thing, having someone guide your toward and through them with grace and power is vital.  M.B.=
 For those of you who may be interested in some hands on Craft training. I’ve been doing work with Karina for over a year now and can attest she is a great teacher.  T.A.
Over a year ago, I took the plunge and began working with Karina – and while I wasn’t able to fully understand the magnitude of the work I was getting myself into when I embarked on this journey– all these months later, here’s what I can say: If you’re looking to deepen and hone your Craft while stepping into a radically responsible, compassionate, and transformative space with your self, your life, your magic…then I would urge you to take a look at the training she offers.  K.S

There are a limited number of Apprenticeships open in order that I can give you my best.  This is the first of a three-part Apprenticeship, Upon completion of this level, should you choose to move forward, there will be a Quickening Ceremony to prepare you for what comes next, Upon completion of all three stages of your Apprenticeship, an Initiation is offered. Should you wish to go on to lead The Edge Witch Apprenticeship for others, additional training as a Student-Teacher will be required.

The cost of The Edge Witch Apprenticeship is a fixed fee of $85 per month. I can accept payment monthly, quarterly or in full upon acceptance and enrollment. I do not barter for payment. Depending upon enrollment, I may have two or three partial scholarships available (fee reduction to $60/month) for those who qualify.

Enrollment is open through December 15, 2018, or when class is full–which ever comes first.
Apprenticeship begins in January 2019. Aside from trust-worthiness, an open-heart, and your desire to answer the call to this apprenticeship, there are no pre-requisites.
You should know:
Class will meet approximately every 3 weeks via teleconferencing call.
There are two In-Person Intensives during the year–both located in Southern New England.
Spring Intensive takes place mid-April.
Autumn Intensive takes place in early October.
These Intensives include all meals and lodging at a very comfortable, private venue.  The cost is $500/pp and payment plans are available.
Attendance at one Intensive is required if you wish to continue on past Level One of EdgeWitch Apprenticeship–and these things can be negotiated within reason.ENROLLMENT CLOSED DECEMBER 15, 2018!

Blessings of Love & Power from the Edge–

Karina BlackHeart

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