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The Mother of us all provided What might life be like if you walked in the comfort of knowing there is more than enough for you?
What might you be able to accomplish if you had more than enough of everything you need to do what you came here to do?
What if you could learn how to access more time, energy, focus, support and money?
What might you create?
What glorious and shining gift might you share with us so we, too, might revel in more-than-enoughness?
Come, join a dynamic community of like-minded and like-spirited people who are ready to
approach abundance from an entirely new perspective.

Coming to terms with wealth is the next frontier for the spiritually conscious person.  While we take care to tend and expand our spiritual nature, many of us experience painful limitation, imprisoned by the thought-forms, mythologies and history of a culture which equates everything of value with dollars. Try as we might to avoid wrestling our money demons, they rear up roaring again and again, demanding to be addressed.


The New Age and consciousness raising movements have served us platitudes:  Don’t worry!  Do what you love and the money will follow!  You create your own reality!  If you were more spiritually astute you would no longer be experiencing problems with money!

The predominant cultural paradigms remind us that we are being continually measured and evaluated.  We’ve been groomed to believe our personal worth has everything to do with our investments, bank accounts and credit scores.  Those without money are stereotyped as lazy, ignorant or worse.

The voices of our parents ring in our heads, “Go to school.  Get a good job.  Settle down and save for retirement!”

If all of that weren’t confusing enough, our spiritual communities often reiterate that money is the root of all evil; true spiritual wealth comes only when we rebuff financial gain; only by having nothing are we relieved of our guilt for having more than someone else; through suffering we achieve purity.

I call bullshit.


If scarcity is not having enough and the constant worry about not having enough,
then wealth is having enough and the constant comfort of knowing you have enough.

True abundance is having more than enough and sharing it with others
without fear, judgement or self-righteousness.

The experience of true abundance is one of relaxation and spaciousness.   

When the lower-chakras–or the bottom rungs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Need–are ignored,
blocked or purposefully starved of life force, we will not have the personal foundation in place
effectively and consistently build healthy communities, create beauty, develop new ideas
or engage spiritual practice.


We cannot live out our Soul’s Purpose while worrying about money.  We may manage to eek out our Soul’s Purpose in fits, dribbles,bills starts and stops.   We may “get by”  in a crazy-making cycle of feast-famine-feast-famine.  Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about?  I’ve lived it.

As adult people it is our right and obligation to make up our own minds and define the trajectory of our lives.  We must choose the life we know we are capable of no matter what others say to convince us to stay small.  In order to do that effectively we must lay all our cards on the table and review them unflinchingly.  Are we willing to do away with those which are not serving our highest good? Are we willing to commit to building upon those that nourish us and our communities?

Right now, perhaps more than ever before, we need all hands on deck. We need you to bring forth your piece of the puzzle.   Sharing your gift with the world is going to take an abundance of time, life force, commitment, tenacity, courage, ferocity, love and yes, dollars.

We all have important work to do in creating a more just, equitable, safe, beautiful, educated and peaceful world.
We can all do that work better, with more consistency and greater integrity
when we have enough time, energy, focus, support and money.

If you’re going to deliver your beauty and power, your passion and purpose into the world you currently live in you’ll need to make peace with money. Money enables you to bring forth your gifts.  And, money is the agreed upon symbol of value and worth offered in exchange for what you have come all this way to deliver.  If you cannot or will not invite and accept money into your life as necessary and energetically neutral, you cannot and will not be able to continue to make your art, sing your songs, tell your stories or share your wisdom with consistency (which builds skill sets, recognition and patronage).  The time for drowning in fear, guilt and resentment is over.  To arrive at the future you dream of for yourself and the world, you need to get right with money. The world needs your gifts–your writing, your wisdom, your healing, your artwork, your activism, your music, your fierceness, your ideas, your ingenuity, your know-how, your beauty, your love and passion. You hold a key no one else carries!


In this five month seminar you’ll

  • Take an inventory of the ideas and beliefs which have shaped your relationship to wealth.

  • Clear longstanding patterns concerning money, time, abundance, scarcity, poverty, luxury, limitation and more.

  • Release resentment toward others regarding how much or how little they have and how they got or lost it.

  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made when you didn’t even know what you didn’t yet know.

  • Become accountable and take responsibility for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with abundance.

  • Take an honest and objective view of the reality of your financial picture.

  • Set clear, attainable short term goals and larger, attainable long-range goals.

  • Combine visualization and concrete action to manifest real results.

  • Open to deep receivership

  • Develop a realistic budget for addressing your needs, debts, desires and long-term goals.

  • Instill and embody the practices of Gratitude, Blessing and Reciprocity.

Awake & Wealthy is an intensive six-session process–occurring over 4 months–meticulously crafted to get you maximum impact and powerful results.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend and am providing lots of opportunities for you to participate in ways that are convenient and work best with your schedule.


As a participant in Awake & Wealthy you’ll

  • Receive six two-hour video sessions with pdf’s and worksheets

  • Engage with powerful guided meditations in MP3 format.

  • Complete assigned work on your own.

  • Join group teleconferencing calls for Q&A and sharing sessions.

  • Participate with others in a private online forum.

  • Have four Private Sessions with Karina via phone or skype.

  • Team up with other participants to help one another maintain accountability during this process.

ENROLLMENT is open through October 31st.

AWAKE & WEALTHY runs from November 7,2016 through February 13, 2017 and easily accommodates most busy schedules.

Enrollment is offered on a Fixed-Price Sliding Scale. Choose the level most appropriate for your budget–understanding we’ll actually be discussing your income.*  Scroll past the Paypal button to learn about Payment Plans.

Fixed Sliding Scale Registration Pricing



LOW INCOME $150 deposit + $160 x2 payments
MID INCOME $225 deposit + $240 x2 payments
UPPER INCOME $300 deposit + $320 x2 payments

There is no shame, whatsoever, in asking for a payment plan. In fact, it shows awareness of your current financial state and that you are attempting to be responsible in budgeting! That said,  the payment plans are a fixed, contractual agreement created to assure fairness to both of us. I like to discuss this on a call so we are both crystal clear about how this works to protect us both.

If you want to discuss details, need questions answered or set wish to set up your payment plan,  schedule a 30 minute phone appointment:

Online scheduling


*Most people believe they are low-to-mid income even though they live in relative comfort. Please assess honestly. We will be discussing your income and lifestyle during Awake & Wealthy and I will be honest with you if your payment level is out of sync with your financial reality (either you paid too much or not enough).  I’m happy to help you assess honestly. Schedule a call if you feel this would be helpful.

Thanks so much for taking time to connect!

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