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Personal Power & Purpose


We’re capable of so much more than we think!  On an intuitive level we get this but have a difficult time bringing that inner knowing to outward manifestation.

We know there’s more.
We want more.
We are more.


Whether your personal “more” means identifying your Soul Purpose, finding or creating meaningful work, generating income, starting a new business, opening to love, developing or deepening connection to spirit, making your art, increasing your skill set, finding peace, increasing your well being, experiencing more joy or stalking beauty through quiet attention or travel . . . isn’t it time you have it?

Personal Power & Purpose is holistic one-on-one mentoring with Karina.  You might be tempted to call it coaching but it has deeper soul and reaches toward higher purpose.  PPP will help you tap into and harness the unlimited source of power within yourself, the potential in your situation and the intensity of your desire.

Sometimes we don’t know what it is we want.  We just know things have to change.  Coaching clarifies your thoughts and distills your desires to help you identify clearly defined, attainable goals.  We’ll take an an unflinching look at Core Complexes–those beliefs and habits that hold you back–and create the ways and means of overcoming those stubborn obstacles.  We also mine for your Core Strengths and Passions so you can breathe more life into them and use them to help you live a life your excited to wake up to!


The Universal Spirit really does want us to be happy
but we must meet our soul destiny with open arms.

Are you willing and ready for your deepest desire,
your wildest dreams, your unattainable more to manifest?
Then let’s get to work!

     I want to remind you that you are more than you think you are!  My own Divine Purpose is to help you attain your most passionate and inspired goals.  Thank you for serving me by allowing me to serve you.

* * * * *

To set up a free thirty minute consultation, just choose an appointment time below.  (all appointments are Eastern Standard Time).  During our call we’ll get a clear sense of one another and whether we’re a good match for this most important work of claiming your Personal Power & Purpose.  After the consultation, Sessions begin at $85/hour with discounts for multiple sessions purchased in advance.

When we decide to work together we’ll both fully commit to doing whatever it takes to resolve your issues so you can attain your goals.  In addition to regularly scheduled calls, you’ll receive challenges and assignments to complete. Depending upon your circumstances, you might also receive Guided Meditations, Intuitive Readings, Flower Essences, suggested reading materials or referrals for professional help with finances, legal matters or health concerns.


Occasionally, Karina offers special pricing for Personal Work.  Be sure not to miss out.  Join the Email List.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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