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Breaks are built into the recordings–please take breaks whent they are offered. 
Some Preliminaries:
Alignment and Kala: It should (and will from here on) go without saying that all work assigned within the context of this workshop should begin with Alignment and Kala. It doesn’t matter if you have already aligned and made Kala earlier in the day—do so again before approaching this work. This way, all Three Souls take their rightful role in the work and any complexes/blocks which might prevent you from getting the most out of the work will be handled with Kala. You will also find it useful to Align before opening the week’s assignment each week and before you post to this group. We cannot align too often. We cannot make Kala too often. Once daily is, in most cases, nowhere near often enough.

Word Web Weaving: You will need a dictionary and a thesaurus. If you don’t have one, there are plenty available online for free–I strongly encourage you to use Merriam-Webster if you use online sources. Take note of words that “trigger” you. That is, what words make you happy to hear? What word makes you cringe? What concepts do you have trouble with? The idea here is to play chase-the-words through the dictionary. Look up the word that triggers you. Write its definition. Let the words within the definition lead you to and away from your preconceptions of the definition. The goal is to claim the language you use and the language you avoid so it becomes Yours. There is Power in emotion, thought, word and deed. If you are crafting a spell, a relationship, a book or your Life, you will need Words. Words have power. Know what the words you use mean—to you and to others. If you don’t know what the words you are using mean when you use them to pray, they won’t be effective! Claim words as your own. Begin with the word, “POWER.”

Sincere Prayer: “Empty words are empty prayers,” said Victor Anderson. For our prayers (which is the same as spell or magic or Will) to be effective and sincere, the words we use must be infused with meaning. On one level, we need to mean what we say–and understand the meaning of the words we use. So, slow down when you are reciting your prayers–take time to really perceive the meaning of what you are saying. Search out definitions (as above) if necessary.
On another level, we need to infuse our prayer with detail–so we bring all of our visualization skills to bear upon our prayers (see Polynesian Visualization below).

Finally, prayers that are empty of life force/manna are empty of power. It is imperative that as we speak aloud our prayer/spell/magic/Will that we infuse it with Life Force–breathing and storing it in the Fetch so s/he can imprint the life force with our prayer and carry the Prayer Seeds to our Godself. The Dove will literally take the seeds to make or draw toward us what we pray for.

Polynesian Visualization: This is a core visualization technique which goes beyond the emphasis of pictures, images and the visual capacities of etheric reality. In Polynesian Visualization, the goal is to bring as many sensual layers as possible to our “visualization” work. This means our “visual” work involves image, but also taste, scent, sound, emotion, touch and kinesthetic senses. The more detail, emotion and sensation we bring to our visualization work, the less discernable from “reality,” and therefore, the more effective magically. Polynesian visualization assures Fetch is fully involved and will carry our “prayer seeds” to the Godself.
Psychic Protection & Spiritual Cleansing: As we step into our Power we become vulnerable. Power and Vulnerability, Danger & Delight—these go hand in hand. If you do not have a daily practice for spiritual cleansing of your body (this is different from HA/Kala) and psychically protecting yourself, please get one and put it into place immediately. Two excellent source books for such things are “Spiritual Cleansing” and “A Century of Spells” by Draja Mikaharic (available through or This is not really optional for those of us who are opening to powerful psychic and spiritual forces and who are becoming shining, gorgeous, beacons of light and darkness. This is fundamental self-care. Please do something each day to protect and cleanse yourself so that you do not come to any harm.
Individual Consultation:  I am available for individual consultations regarding this work.  If you’d like to set up an appointment, please email me directly at  and mention in your email that you are doing self-paced work on the Self Point in my Actualizing the Iron Pentacle Series.  Please be aware that I usually book 2-6 weeks in advance.  I will not be available for appointments from July 20 – August 30, 2018.
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Part I

Audio File:    PowerPointRecording1

Part II

 Audio File: PowerPointRecording2

 Part III:

Audio File:  PowerPointRecording3
PDF File:  In the Name of Power #3

Part IV

Audio File:  PowerPointRecording4

Part V

Audio File:  PowerPointRecording5
PDF File:  There is no pdf file for Part V.  Please do repeat the Red Candle Spell (in Part 3 pdf) and any work you didn’t get to over the course of this segment of Actualizing the Iron Pentacle.


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