Conscious Leadership Initiative

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May 6 – 10, 2017
Longboat Key, FL

Everyone is a leader. It’s in our nature to inspire, share, help and heal others. Many people find themselves in leadership roles without ever having been adequately prepared. As more and more of us come to consciousness about the world we inhabit and the issues we face as citizens of the planet, we find ourselves compelled to DO something. Often, doing something means starting something. And, starting something always means leading it.


So often, when we find ourselves in leadership roles unprepared, we feel insecure, self-conscious and less than adequate to meet the demands of the task. Creative, problem-solving, beauty-making, community-building people often have many great ideas. Unless we know how to communicate, advocate, organize and yes, lead people, our ideas don’t often get off the ground.  When our ideas get stuck, our creativity gets blocked and we can wind up feeling inadequate and defeated.

The Conscious Leadership Initiative is going to get you so far past “stuck” you’ll feel dizzy. Learn to take a project from idea to reality, your solo effort to sharing the load and excitement with partners, teams and communities, managing time, herding cats, public speaking — all without feeling like a “fake.”  The world needs your gifts more than ever. Let’s help you gain the confidence, means and methods to bring them forward in ways that feel not only natural and meaningful but that make you an effective and happy leader.

This immersive training will use a variety of methods, challenges and exercises that will help you

  • lead others with confidence

  • identify and develop your personal leadership style

  • read a room and harness the group mind

  • communicate clearly

  • deal with difficult people and situations so everyone wins

  • speak confidently

  • identify and create leadership allies

  • become comfortable with other leaders

  • overcome insecurities

  • develop your naturally charismatic personality

  • lead honestly and with real integrity


    You can expect to engage in physically challenging metaphors like Firewalking, Arrow Breaks, Glasswalking, Parasailing and more. These challenges help you attain personal and professional goals by building confidence and overcoming obstacles like limiting beliefs and negative habits.


This year, The Conscious Leadership Initiative will take place on Longboat Key, a beautiful Gulf Coast barrier island near Sarasota, Florida.  We do have limited lodging as well as a meal plan available for purchase.  Here are your options:

Conscious Leadership Initiative*    $1875-
Lodging Only                                   500-
Lodging with Full Meal Plan               655-
Partial Meal Plan*                             125-

Payment plans are available, please inquire.

Sarasota International Airport is within 30 minutes from our venue. Tampa International Airport is 75 minutes away.  We encourage participants to coordinate ride-shares to and from the venue.  

We’ll make information about flights, car rentals, shuttles and private drivers as well as the venue site available upon registration.  

If you’re ready to enroll, please choose your option, below*

Choose Options

* $1875 is our Early Enrollment Price and is valid until January 30, 2016 when pricing increases to $2025. Pricing for Lodging and Meal Plans will not increase.
*Partial Meal Plans include lunches and dinners but no breakfast. This plan is not available to those who choose any Lodging option.
*When enrolling, if you are unsure about purchasing Lodging or Meal Plans,  you can wait.  Lodging is limited and first-come-first-served.  Meal Plans must be paid in ful by April 1st.


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