Ink & Ecstasy

A spirited intensive for writers and artists guaranteed to:

Stir up your Wild-Creative Soul.

Move you from blocked to bountiful writing/creativity.

Access your Creative Wellspring and drink to your fulfillment.

Quiet your Inner Critic.

Encourage your most juicy, lush and fearless wisdom.

Listen to your Rational, Intuitive and Higher Voices.

 Revel in the ecstasy of  the present moment.

Develop  a vision of the creative life you’re meant to live.


 Ink and Ecstasy is for writers and artists needing creative support and new way to access  Divine Inspiration, the Holy Wow, the Sacred Stream of Consciousness!  Ink and Ecstasy is for creatives of all types who want to break through blocks and open up to abundance.  You definitely do not need to be A Writer (TM) to love this workshop and learn amazing things about accessing your own Wild Creativity.

Creative Practice makes space for inspiration  to make an appearance and find expression.   Inviting our various Voices to speak, we come into complete harmony with our creativity and our creative lives.  We begin to live in a more fully empowered and authentic way which fuels our art which fuels our lives which fuels our art . . . .

Creative Practice can open us up to experiencing ecstasy. When we write, we are able to access and discern the voices of the Rational, Wild and Divine quite clearly. I have yet to find a more meaningful way to commune with and retain  the wisdom of the Personal Divinity (you might call that  Muse, Guardian Angel, Guide, Totem, etc.).  I am consistently stunned by the universal truth and beauty of that Voice.  Ecstatic creating helps us access wisdom and insight beyond our perception of reality.  Certainly, we find it helpful to our tools hand when we find ourselves the recipient and co-creator of such gifts!

Art and language are powerful tools.  Whether we employ them in communication, for self revelation, entertainment, education, devotion or desire we cannot help but be transformed by what we commit to our art. When we read or listen to the written words of others, we drink in information but also beauty, passion, emotion. Art connects us to something larger than our own viewpoint.   Reading and writing, creating and viewing,  manifesting and engaging are intimate acts!

Ink & Ecstasy will push your limits, broaden your sights and raise your expectations regarding your capabilities as the Creative Genius of your life.

During this four day residential program we will spend time together in discussion and practice.  There will  be abundant time dedicated for you to work on a new or current project.  We offer you our unadulterated, non-critical support.

If you are like me, your life has many many demands which often take priority over your artistic endeavors.  Ink & Ecstasy provides a time and space set aside to  delve deep into the heart of your art.  You’ll also come away with valuable skills and practices for making and keeping time for creativity in your busy life.  I have been offering this program for many years and look forward to meeting and creating with you on the coast!

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January 24 -28, 2015.  A Residential Program at a Private Seaside retreat on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

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September 20-24,  2015  Four day residential program on the Rhode Island coastline near Providence.
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