Heart Talks


Heart Talks are monthly online chats with Karina B. Heart on a wide ranging variety of topics.  You can call in or log in to listen live to Heart Talks in real time.

In the Buddhist Tradition, Teacher’s give Dharma Talks.  This is like that. Heart Talks might include a guided meditation, a prayer, an intention to hold, discussion of current events and actions we can take–spiritually and physically–to resist.

You can access Heart Talks by becoming a Patron of my work on Patreon. At the $18/month level, you receive all my written Patreon posts (past and current), Heart Messages via text-message, and access to Heart Talks–as well as the recording of the Talk.

The next Heart Talk is scheduled for October 6 at 7:30PM EST.  You’ll receive the number to call and access code via email when you become a Patron.


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