Divine Twins Meditations

These are MP3 Files.  You can listen here on the website, however, I strongly recommend you download the recordings to your device so you know you always have access to them. Also, if you listen here, be aware that your system will need to “buffer” the recordings–just like when it takes time to load and watch something on youtube–it’ll take a while, the recording may seem to stop, you may not hear anything……..
To download (these instructions are for Microsoft Operating Systems–I can’t give instructions for Mac, Linux or other):
Right click on the sound bar.
A drop-down menu will appear.  Choose “download”
Choose where on your system you want to store the recording.


PLEASE NOTE:  These materials are copyrighted and cannot legally or ethically be shared –in whole or in part–without permission from Karina B. Heart.  Do not share links to my materials.  Thank you for respecting my work. 


Part I


Part II


Part III

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