Small Business Mentorship

You probably think about me as a Spiritual Teacher because it’s a big, public-facing part of what I do. But, did you know that helping people turn their side-jam into their full-time jam has been happening behind the scenes this whole time? Funny, that when you help people evolve, it often includes expanding what they believe is possible!

There’s nothing quite like coaxing your passionate creativity into the center of your life. There’s big energy in business plans, momentum in problem solving, focusing on your creations, and eliminating the time-sucking tasks you hate.

Right now, I’ve got my Eye on a phenomenal Painter, a Chocolatier, a couple of Authors, a Business Coach, a Massage Therapist new Inn-Keeper, a local Micro-Brewer, and a Seamstress. They’ve all got so much excitement, commitment, creativity and passion! I want so much for them to succeed (and, they get to define what that means).

I’ve owned at least a dozen businesses. Some did well, but bored me. Others tanked (part of the trajectory, friends). Some, grew too fast for me to keep up with–and I consider those to be successful! Some have sustained me for decades.

If you know me at all, you’ve been shocked at my developing an entire business plan from a small idea in the midst of a casual conversation. I can’t help it!

I’ve mentored teachers, authors, speakers, healers, fiber-artists, herbalists, stay-at-home Moms, homeschooling parents, silk-screeners, potters, realtors, event planners, home organizers, and so many more, as they moved their passion from hobby or seedling to lived manifestation.

I don’t use formulas. I don’t promote “branding.” I won’t support your misery, your lack of vision, or your self-shrinking tactics. But, I will help focus all that passion, hold you accountable to what you say you’re working on, hone skill-sets you might not have, and be your cheer-leading squad.

I want you to be fully yourself in your business. I want you to be continually surprised at how happy it makes you to do what you love, be the change, and feed your passion while helping others. I want you to create it and enjoy it! And, always, to do it in a way that’s sustainable for you–physically, emotionally, spiritually, temporally, financially.

Whether you’re holding tiny seeds in your hand, tilling soil, are weeding and pruning an overgrown garden, or feel like you might have missed planting season altogether, I can help with that.

I have a *few* spaces available for co-creating with you this Summer and Fall. Like my Individual Mentorships, I offer 3-month, or 9-month commitments.  Additionally, if we’ve worked together in the past, I can offer an uncontracted “Occasional Call” for brainstorming, problem-solving, cheerleading or bitching (you know we all do it) .

To find out more, shoot me an email. We’ll set up a discovery call to find out what you need, and if we’re a great fit for getting things done together.

Let’s Build Something. ❤️

Thanks so much for taking time to connect!

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