Individual Mentorship

Individual Mentorships
are offered in three or nine month intervals. We meet for regularly scheduled, one-hour telephone or Zoom meetings. You may receive downloadable written and/or audio materials, as well as suggestions for relevant reading, audio or video.     This is an opportunity for those of you who’ve worked with me in formal training in the past, to work with me in a less regimented manner.  Also, if you’ve wanted to work with me, but not in that capacity, here’s a way to do it without committing to that path.


Unravelling & Weaving

Here, we take an in depth, no holds barred, look at where you’re stuck, why, and what can be done about it.  Whether it’s your own self-talk, frustration in relationships, time-management or organizational funk, creative blocks, examining and working through your isms, healing emotional stuckness, or figuring out how to get more joy in your life–we’ll unravel the knots and weave something beautiful, useful, and sustainable.

My approach to unravelling always includes spiritual cleansing, radical self-awareness, and accepting personal responsibility while simultaneously acknowledging the contribution of cultural conditioning. Reweaving always requires utilizing practices and tools proven to effectively catalyze transformation.

Here, we learn that nothing ever really goes “away.”  Everything in creation is right here, amid the swirling cosmos, where it’s always been.  Our own energetic patterns are part of the great and holy wow–we can’t just “get rid of” them.  That said, freeing up the energy bound in negative thoughts, habits and patterns makes that energy available to apply elsewhere for positive outcomes. Here, we learn how to release what’s stuck, and recycle that energy to be put to good use elsewhere.

I recognize I may not have specifically mentioned the issue(s) you’d like mentorship for.  It’s hard to describe everything these sessions can encompass.

Please contact me here to set up a 45 minute discovery call where we’ll get to the heart of what you’re seeking, fill you in on details regarding pricing and schedules, and discern whether we’re a great fit for working together to catalyze the transformation you desire. Please put, “Discovery Call Unravelling & Weaving,” in your email.  I’ll get back to you with a link to schedule your appointment.




Practitioner Mentorship


Designed specifically for those who’ve had some training, and practice in the Tradition I’ve been known to teach.  To be clear, this is not Training.  However, Mentorship may help to jump-start your practice, deep your access to Mystery, clarify uncertainty, provide accountability, and furnish necessary guidance or tools missing from your kit.

I accept only a limited number of participants for Practitioner Mentorship, and only for 3-month commitments.  To qualify, you must have had some sustained exposure to the Tradition through a Initiated teacher–not just through books, at a gathering, or visiting websites–in order to enroll in this program.  If you’ve trained with me in the past, and our parting was respectful, Practitioner Mentorship is an option for you to work with me, short-term, again.
To set up a 45 minute discovery call, email me here.
Please put “Discovery Call Practitioner Mentorship” in your email.  I’ll send you a scheduling link with phone contact information.


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