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In a world hellbent on going to war, being at war, sustaining war, we feel compelled to be warriors.  We see enemies where there are potential allies, targets where there’s common ground to be shared.  There’s a war on drugs, a war on democracy, a war on “traditional values,” a war on poverty, abortion, pandemic, marriage, religion, education, and on and on ad infinitum.  In our obsession, we’ve developed new categories: Spiritual Warriors, Heart Warriors, Social Justice Warriors, Love Warriors, Goddess Warriors, Tantric Warriors, Buddhist Warriors, Mother Warriors!

In an embattled culture, we suit up, shut down, shield up, power through, overcome, bypass, hunker in, take shelter.  We buy guns, avoid grocery shopping, and armor our soft, human hearts against more ever more violence and enemies.

If we want to change culture, we can’t get there doing the same things while expecting different results.  Audre Lorde said it better:


“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”


To create a world focused on the power of love, we need to become Lovers.

I’m not talking about eros, or romantic love.  I’m not advocating for the kind of spiritually bypassing/new-age/positive mindset love that  shrugs, sighs, and looks at real global concerns with glazed eyes and a vapid smile.  Not agape, which is a self-sacrificial love.  Not philia or brotherly, friendly love.  These are all valuable and necessary loves.  But, there is something more . . . .

I’m talking Cosmic and Embodied Love, here.  The love Rumi and all the great mystics and philosophers and wise ones describe: The love that created All the Worlds, and sustains them.  The love that infuses everything.  The love, that when called to action, is unstoppable.

Let’s talk love and war.  Let’s discuss power and it’s variations (power-over, power-with, power-within)  Let’s drop down beneath our defensiveness, our defiance, our ego-machinations which convince us that every insult is cause for battle.  Let’s get dig down below the cynicism and disdain, the othering, the hopelessness and apathy, the fear and anxiety that keep us primed to fight, flee, freeze or fawn.

Let’s reposition love–bringing out from the privately experienced emotions of the heart.  Let’s liberate it from the confines of our most intimate relationships.  Let’s bring love/power into the light of day, the public sphere–infusing business, politics, the environment, and our most grandiose visions of the world/culture we desire.

Look where the constant battle has landed us.  If war were the answer, we’d have peace by now, wouldn’t we?



We can and must evoke, embody, activate and wield the power of love
to bring about the change we so desperately need in the world.



Love and Power has long been a through line in all of my teachings.  I recently gave “Love and Power,” as a Keynote Address at MIT to an audience of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs from around the globe!  Here, among friends, peers and lovers, we’ll have the time and leisure to dive deep into what I could only touch upon in a 45 minute presentation.

Weekly meetings will be on Zoom on Tuesdays 7-8:30pm EST from August 30-September 27.
We will enjoy a private online space for discussions between meeting.
Expect reading assignments, some written and audio materials, plenty of assigned journaling, and real-life challenges to meet.




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