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According to Merriam-Webster, a compass is, “a device for determining directions by means of a magnetic needle or group of needles turning freely on a pivot and pointing to the magnetic north. Or, any of various nonmagnetic devices that indicate direction.”  It’s a boundary, circumference, or circumscribed space.  As a transitive verb, to compass is to, “devise with craft or skill; to bring about; to achieve; to obtain, to get into one’s power.

At Compass Studio, I like to imagine we are the group of magnetic needles, pointing directly toward the goals we wish to achieve as individuals, playgroups, communities, and culture.  We gather within a carefully constructed and mutually held circle/circumscribed space.  There, we devise, bring about, and obtain through our personal and collective power, what we set out to transform or attain.”  Then, we re-enter the larger world, still magnetic, still pointing north toward the sought after transformation, pointing the Way to those ready and willing to become curious about how they might bring about change in the areas most concerning to them.

For decades, I’ve tried to leave behind the language of “work,” and how it’s applied across so much of our lives that are truly enjoyable, pleasurable, and unpaid.  We do spiritual work, housework, personal work, yard work, parenting work, relationship work.  Naming everything “work,” means we approach it all as though it’s something we are forced to do.  We have an expectation that if we do “the work,” there’ll be a pay-day at the end.

Our preoccupation with “work,” diminished our sense of play–which involves curiosity, joyful discovery, imagination, creativity, silliness, laughter, delight, togetherness, pleasure, a notable lack of self-consciousness.

Naming what we do in Compass Studio, “play,” gives us permission, at the outset, to show up with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to engage delight.

This is not to say that Compass Studio Playshops don’t engage with, and delve deep into heavy topics.  Rather, that we approach those topics with a child-like spirit asking, “What if . . .  or what about . . . and what might happen . . . how could it be different?”

Compass Studio Playshops offer a space to explore instead of being told; a circle of peers making playful, expansive enquiry into the questions and concerns plaguing our times.  It’s ok to be wrong, here.  Mistakes are welcome because they teach us!

What if we change our language?
What if we shift focus?
What if we re-calibrate the compass?
What if we emphasize something else?
What might happen if we change behavior?
What’s possible if we shift our assumptions?
What might we create if we begin with play?
What if?  What if?  What if?


Compass Studio will hold Playshops three times a year–more if the mood strikes and time permits. More, if other curious, talented culture change artists are interested in leading lightly, here.

I invite you to lighten up as we traverse sometimes challenging terrain.  Come play, question, experiment, brainstorm, laugh, imagine, and create.

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