Artistic Instigation


During times of struggle and strife, it’s more important than ever to bring beauty, enchantment, respite, relief, ritual and education to our sisters and brothers on the planet.
It’s also necessary to have a working plan to do so in ways which don’t leave us depleted emotionally, psychically, spiritually, physically or financially.   Artists and Artisans, Writers, Authors, Healers, Helpers, Coaches, Mentors, Musicians, Poets, Priestesses, Dancers,  Film-makers, Singers, Designers and Makers of all kinds . . . .

Bring your Beauty, Love & Power forth!

I’ve been talking with artists of all kinds of late. What they’re saying is they feel a little shameful about not being more activist in the world during this time of great change. I’m absolutely adamant that we’re more in need of beauty than we’ve ever been. We need the enchantment of music and color, texture and tempo.  We are starved for reminders of  human creations which take our breath away.  We need spaces to sit down, without access to our phones and devices, where we are expected to open to being soothed.  When we have been accosted day and night by atrocities and injustice, you give us reason to feel something other than our pain.  You invite us to partake of and participate in your particular palette of color-sound-sensation.  When we do, we remember hope.  We access our hearts.  We move our bodies.  We breath deeper.  We smile and laugh.  What you do is needed and necessary. Whether your art is visual or healing, musical or sensual, ceremonial or poetic . . . . please, please hear me when I say, the beauty, love and power you bring forth is activism.  In the midst of what seems like unending crisis, art is revolutionary.


You give us reason to feel something other than our pain


 Artists are also entrepreneurs of course.  You need audiences, customers, clients, patrons to pay to partake of your art.  This makes it possible for you to live.  It also assures you can purchase the instruments, equipment, canvas, brushes, notebooks and supplies you need to continue bringing your love into the world through the beauty you make.
And . . . the phrase, “Starving Artist” is so common we’ve all heard it.  Unfortunately, many many artists consider it a fact of life that they’ll struggle to make ends meet.  Yet, there are plenty of artists who are doing quite well!  Not all of them are super-stars!    I especially love working with artists in extracting this fallacy and replacing it with a healthier, more abundant reality.  I didn’t say, “mindset.” I said, “reality.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching writing classes called, “Ink & Ecstasy.”  I’m a published author.  I create all my own web-content.  I create beautiful spaces, crocheted scarves, delicious meals and I help people create beautiful lives.  Occasionally, I paint, sketch or garden.  I practice the arts of magic, ceremony, healing and transformation.  I do consider myself an artist.  I’ve been honored to work with many artists who were creatively stuck, financially strapped, burnt out and feeling underappreciated.  I’ve worked with people writing books, recording music, touring the country, blowing glass, tooling leather, dying wool and developing ceremonies, to name a few.  I know artists don’t sleep at night, sometimes forget to sleep and oftentimes don’t feel comfortable chasing down payment.

When we work together, we oil the cogs and wheels of your creative spirit so they start spinning again. We take a look at your business model–if you even have one. We evaluate your audience, your ideas about money, your self worth and your levels of self care.  We examine the environment where you create your work and the schedules you keep.  All of these pieces and parts need to come together in a coherent whole which is pleasing to you, your clientele and your bank account.

We are creating new economies even as we feel the effects of the crash and the harmful effects of endless-growth-capitalism. These economies are built on connection, community, mutual support and reciprocity.  They may include a combination of monetary, barter and other kinds of exchange.  As they become more commonplace, it is your responsibility to leave behind the starving-artist mindset and teach your clients to do so as well.  Let’s work on it together.  I’m really looking forward to it.



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