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Sometimes it happens that we awaken to wanderlust.  We’re anxious and hungry for something . . . . a change of scenery, a change of mind, a change of heart, a sudden inexplicable desire to chuck it all . . . . . start over as someone new in a different place.  We’re ready for adventure. We’re ready to leap empty handed into some void or another. We’re thinking we’ve been playing it safe so long we’ve nearly bored ourselves to death.  Routine, predictability, same old same old is quite literally killing the spirit.

Here’s the truth:  Your one glorious life is calling.
Answer the call.  Don’t hesitate.

Oh, I know you already have a life.  It’s been carefully planned. You’ve created safety and stability. You’ve done all the things expected of you.  You can count on all you’ve worked so hard to achieve and build to keep you happy, right?  Right?

Wrong.  There’s such a thing as being too safe.  It diminishes us at a spiritual, emotional and intellectual level.  Humans need to stretch beyond our comfort zones. We need to challenge our beliefs and habits, change our routines and habitats, try things we think are “too much” for us.

Adventure is soul-expanding, creatively inspiring and exhilarating!  It gets the blood pumping, raises the libido and puts a smile on faces accustomed to remaining stoic. Aswanderlust an Empowerment Leader, I love the challenge of encouraging others to step off their particular ledges emboldened by trust that wings will certainly sprout from their shoulder-blades!  If you’re feeling antsy, like you need to make a change but don’t know what it is, let’s explore that together.  If you need help dealing with irrational fears, phobias, or other self-limiting beliefs, I’m here to gently nudge you toward getting on the other side of them.  If you have a plan but don’t feel like you’ll ever be courageous enough to execute it, let’s work together on building excitement and momentum!

Together we can work toward and through switching up routines, changing jobs, moving across the country, flying for the first time, walking on a bed of broken glass or hot coals, getting married or divorced, having children or coming home to an empty nest, learning an instrument, starting a brand new chapter or  . . . . ?  I’m being honest with you when I say I’ve seen and done things in my life that shock even me!  Through it all, I’ve learned how flexible, resilient we humans are.  I know how gorgeously we recover from the deepest wounds and how phenomenally we grow through great challenge.  If you feel like you haven’t been stepping up your game, challenging yourself to get bigger, have more fun or do something wild, let’s talk.



We human beings are resilient! We recover gorgeously
from our woundedness and grow phenomenally through great change.


Girrrrl, we’re gonna activate an adventure for you!
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