Self-Paced Programs

These programs were once available on my “Crafting the Witch” website. Now, they’re available for you, here!  They are self-paced–meaning you can listen or watch at your leisure.  They are evergreen, meaning you download them to your system and have them forever!

I will be uploading them in the coming weeks (I’m writing this on January 10, 2018), so be sure to check back often for new materials!  The programs you’ll see here include:

mirrorSoul of the Witch
An audio intensive introduction to the magic and wonder of the Craft.  This includes overview and practices for
Soul Alignment
Courting the Rational, Wild & Divine
The Rite of Purification
Other materials







IMAG0315The Care & Feeding of Witches
Includes a series of video-courses addressing the practices and commitments I feel are necessary for practicing and living the Craft.  The series can be purchased as a package, or in segments.
Spiritual Cleansing Part 1 & 2
     Psychic Protection Part 1, 2 & 3
Claiming Space:  Where We Live, Move & Have Our Being
     Order from Chaos
Managing Energy Like a Witch
     Permission to Play
Imagination is Magic
     Manage your Time Like a Witch
     Organizational Skills


You should be aware that there is no group/class support or discussion with these materials. I am happy to set up Indvidiual Consultations to discuss materials and further work!