The Practice & Power of Silence




Wisdom arises in the space between breaths, the pause in conversation, the rest between stanzas. Here, the Witch comes to know themselves. In these slow, patient stretches, the oyster opens to reveal its pearl of honor and power.

We will gather TO weaving our gossamar threads into the web of time and digital space. Together, we will fashion a container within which to define and explore the practice, powers and pitfalls of silence as described in my book, A Witch’s Book of Silence.
Our discussions will focus upon:
  • The difference between holding silence and keeping secrets
  • Silence as complicity
  • Privacy
  • Silence as invocation to wisdom and power
  • The Very Loud World we inhabit
  • How and why we fear silence
  • How idle chatter creates energetic leaks
  • Keeping our own counsel
We’ll spend a significant portion of our time together engaged in some of the Practices set forth in my book. These may include guided meditation, timed journaling, breathwork, active listening exercises, assessing for energy leaks and sealing them up.
In offering this intensive, day-long workshop, I hope to respond to your questions about silence, while guiding your work toward a courageous engagement with it.
If we are the embody the power of silence, we must bring it inside ourselves, exuding it from our very pores, the shine of our eyes, the rare pearl falling from our lips. We must walk the pathways so often and with such surety that the map of the path and the path itself become embedded within us. We go back and forth along the trail as naturally as a hawk takes to the sky. Just as the salmon is part river, we are part silence. We ride the cycle of power until it is undifferentiated from us–no longer something we study, practice, know or do, but what we have become and are.
Click the title to purchase A Witch’s Book of Silence.  It is required reading prior to attending the workshop. If you’ve already read it, take an evening to read it again.
Please come to the workshop with questions and commentary prepared so we can engage in a lively discussion rather than a long lecture!

We’ll meet from 11:30AM – 5:30PM (EST) on a private webinar/teleconferencing line. Together, we’ll schedule a 75 minute group follow-up call to take place a few weeks after the workshop. Several breaks are built into the schedule. A recording of the workshop will be available to download for your personal use–this is especially valuable if you wish to repeat the guided meditations on your own.
I offer a fixed sliding scale* of $60 – $75 -$90
Registration opens January 17 and closes March 1.
Your paypal receipt is your only receipt! I will not send email saying I received payment.  Trust that PayPal sends me a notice and I will add your name and email address as it appears in PayPal on my class roster.   After registration closes, on March 2, I will send an email with instructions on how to access the webinar/teleconference call.
*A sliding scale is meant to accommodate varying income levels. The bottom of the scale is reserved for low-income people who honestly cannot afford to pay more. The mid-range is for people earning an average income. The top of the scale is for higher-earners. I’ve found it to be true that no matter how much money we make, we are convinced we’re broke and should always pay less. Please know that I offer the scale as a means of making my work accessible to those who might otherwise have to choose between a workshop and groceries or gas so they can get to work.  If you don’t worry about such things, you should pay at the higher rates.  When all payments are made, they should average out at the $75 range. Please be meticulous and honorable as you choose your payment arrangement.  This assures everyone can attend and that I receive fair compensation for my work.


Income Based Sliding Scale